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What's going on when you grab the steering wheel and cancel the settlement? The revelation of the re

What's going on when you grab the steering wheel and cancel the settlement? Hearing such a headline, I think netizens still feel incredible, saying that they are still very confused. This matter will start from last year. On December 4, last year, there was an incident of snatching the steering wheel of a bus in Pudong. Passenger Liang had a quarrel with the bus driver because he didn't get off the bus in time. After failing to get off the bus, he forced to pull the steering wheel. As a result, the bus was out of control and hit the engineering vehicle of the power company in the same direction. Liang was arrested by Pudong Procuratorate on December 13 last year on suspicion of endangering public security by dangerous means.

The latest news, the passenger involved in a criminal case, her settlement has been cancelled!

One vote veto in criminal cases:

Xinmin Evening News reporter learned that at present, there are two main ways for people from other provinces and cities to apply for Shanghai Hukou. One is through the labor department, such as talent introduction, residence transfer, overseas talents settlement, etc., and the other is through the public security department, such as marriage, follow-up, etc. But no matter which way, as long as it involves illegal and criminal acts, it will be vetoed by one vote.

Previously reported:

Police Circular of 4 December 2018

At about 9:00 on December 4, a No. 783 bus drove West to east along Zhangyang road to jiajiaqiao road platform. The driver opened the back door and closed the door after the passengers got off. After that, the driver heard a woman shouting at the back of the car, so he opened the back door again. According to the monitoring inside the car, the woman stood in front of the door with an umbrella in her right hand, but did not get off the bus and spoke to the bus driver. Four seconds later, the door closed. After closing the door for the second time, the woman signaled to get off again. The door opened again three seconds later, but the woman still didn't get off and spoke to the bus driver again. After more than 10 seconds, the door closes and the vehicle starts.

After the vehicle started, the female passenger quickly walked to the driver from the middle of the car, had a verbal argument with the driver, and held the steering wheel with her right hand, competing with the driver for the steering wheel. In this process, the bus obviously shifted to the left and hit a power company engineering vehicle in the left lane, resulting in different degrees of damage to the two vehicles, and no one in the bus was injured.

On the same day, at the scene of the accident, we can see that there were rubbing marks on the left side of the 783 bus head, and the right door of the electric rescue vehicle was seriously sunken. After the accident, the police rushed to the scene to control the female passengers.

After arriving at the scene, the woman, Liang, confessed that she did not get off the bus because she had a quarrel with the driver at that time, so the driver opened the door twice. The procuratorial organ believed that the suspect, Liang Moumou, dragged the steering wheel of the bus in spite of the safety of others' lives, health and public and private property, causing the vehicle to run out of control. Although it did not cause serious consequences, it had already jeopardized public safety. Its behavior was suspected of endangering public safety by dangerous means and approved the arrest.

The prosecutor introduced the case

Jin prosecutor of Pudong New Area People's Procuratorate said: when the defendant Liang took the bus, he missed the opportunity to get off because of his own reasons. At this time, the door of the bus had been closed. She asked the driver to open the door again. At this time, the driver opened the door for her. But the first time, Liang felt that the bus driver's words were improper, so she didn't get off the bus. There was a dispute between the two sides. In this process, the driver opened the door for the second time. It took about ten seconds to open the door. If Liang wanted to get off the bus, she could get off the bus completely. However, she always felt that the driver's words had improper behavior towards her, which was very important So she still didn't get off, and then there was a dispute between the two sides.

In fact, Liang had two chances to get off the bus and leave to avoid the conflict. But on impulse, she went to the cab to pull the steering wheel, causing the bus to lose control. '

The prosecutor said: 'at this time, Liang felt very angry. She ran to the side of the cab, grabbed the steering wheel and pulled it. At this time, the vehicle lost control and hit the electric engineering vehicle on the left side, causing material damage to two vehicles. '

'when she tried to suspect Liang, she confessed that if there were no accidents, she would be able to settle in Shanghai in what months. But now that criminal cases are involved, her settlement must have been cancelled. '

"Liang knows that her behavior will cause harmful consequences, but she still ignores the personal safety and property safety of citizens and implements the behavior of pulling the steering wheel of the bus. Although her behavior did not cause serious consequences, but enough to endanger public security, has violated the provisions of Article 114 of the criminal law, suspected of endangering public security by dangerous means. In January this year, the Supreme People's court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, and the Ministry of Public Security issued guidance, which clearly identified the nature of such behaviors endangering safe driving, and demanded that such behaviors be strictly punished according to law. '