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Where can peace elite play official website address? Official address of peace elite mobile game

Peace elite officially opened the public beta on May 8. Many players want to know the official website of peace elite. Today, Xiaobian brings you the official website address of peace elite! Don't miss it! What's the difference between peace elite and the exciting battlefield before?

Official website address of peace elite

[real map of 100 people's competition]

Many large live maps, experience the rich changes in the environment, hundreds of people compete in the same field, with combat strategy and shooting ability to win the championship, and strive to win!

[vivid scene, ultimate audio visual]

Virtual engine 4 technology, mature detail rendering, super map, realistic scene, more delicate, more real!

Real 3D sound effect, high fidelity real-time voice, experience the ultimate experience of immersive!

[easy to operate real trajectory]

Real gun trajectory, excellent shooting feel, easy to use!

Dozens of real guns, real trajectory simulation of guns, real throwing trajectory, a variety of accessories, physical strike of a variety of melee weapons, bring players a thorough combat shooting experience!

[rich vehicle racing]

A variety of real vehicles, rich drag racing experience, perfect operation feel, more real than real!

[one click group Friends open black]

Anytime, anywhere, willful open black! A key team, invite friends voice open black, friends fight together.

Wechat / hand Q friend system, team system, chat room social networking, ubiquitous in-game social experience! Fight brother soldiers, see the truth in the battlefield!

[fair competition and green environment]

Powerful anti plug-in function, for various models of adaptation and performance optimization, make the game more fair and smooth!

[multiple entertainment modes]

A variety of entertainment modes, more concentrated combat area, faster game rhythm, shorter game duration, bring smooth and fast combat experience!

[new team play]

Complex and changeable terrain structure, close range frontal combat. New rules, new map, bring new competitive experience!

IOS version of peace elite Download

1. After the peace elite is open, log in to the apple store, search the apple store, enter Ye Ming, enter the peace elite, and download it in the search results.

2. Click the game to enter the update page. There will be a link in the update page. Click the link to enter. After the IOS version is open, start the current game version and click to download it.

After the test, the stimulation battlefield was officially renamed peace elite.

Peace elite will open and land in batches at 3:00 p.m. on May 8, but due to the delay of Apple Store launch time, the IOS version of Apple Store peace elite business time will be delayed.

I hope you will be patient.

In the peace elite, we have prepared a rich and exclusive gift package for all players. Remember to get it in time when you go online.

At the same time, players who have reached the age of 16 can be authorized.