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I only like the ending of Zhao Guanchao and Hao Wuyi. I only like your story introduction

Youth Theme network drama "I only like you" is a hot new drama recently, in addition to the hero and heroine, other roles in the play are also quite attractive. For example, Zhao Guanchao and Hao Wuyi are very popular. They are Zhao Qiaoyi's brother and best friend. Hao Wuyi knows a lot about Zhao Guanchao from Qiao Yi. At first, the mode of getting along with each other was quite similar to that of friends, but after a long time, this kind of feeling gradually began to ferment. So I only like you. What's the ending of Zhao Guanchao and Hao Wuyi? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it! I only like the ending of Zhao Guanchao and Hao Wuyi

In "I only like you", Zhao Guanchao and Hao Wuyi's emotional line is very popular. The relationship between them changes with time and finally comes together.

"I only like you" has been very hot recently, especially the popularity of female owner Wu Qian has been increasing on Weibo. Another pair of CP, Zhao Guanchao and Hao Wuyi, are also a big attraction. Zhao Guanchao's personal design is also very pleasing. Zhao Guanchao is very kind to his sister. Many people sigh that it would be nice to have such a perfect brother in life.

I just like your introduction

"I only like you" is adapted from the novel "I don't like the world, I only like you". The plot is highly reductive, but there are still many differences. Zhao Guanchao is one year older than Zhao Qiao. In the plot, they are twins. Zhao Guanchao and Hao Wuyi have no emotional line, but in the play, Zhao Guanchao and Hao Wuyi have emotional line Yes, they like each other. Zhao Guanchao loves to play indefinitely. Later on, he doesn't know that he has fallen in love with Hao Wuyi. In Hao Wuyi's heart, Zhao Guanchao has always been Zhao Guanchao's lover. Finally, they get married happily.