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Mother's Day message in 2019

This weekend is mother's day, for every child, mother's day should send different blessings to mother! Every dream has a mother's loving smile, every wake-up has a mother's loving breath, mother's Day is coming, I wish mother health and longevity.

Mother's day in 2019

The first time I saw you, I would stick to you, although you beat me and scolded me for ignoring me, but I know you love me most in the world, love me and care about me! No other meaning, just want to say: Mom, happy mother's Day!

Mom, I wish you more happiness, less trouble; more health, no more injuries; more happiness, I will not let you worry. Mother's day comes, I just want to say to you: Mom, hard work! Wish you health, happiness, beauty and happiness forever!

Today's first ray of sunshine sprinkles every corner of happiness, today's first ray of spring breeze blows the clarion call of joy, today's first bell conveys the message of peace, today's first blessing to my dear mother. Happy mother's Day!

No regrets is the mother's pay; harvest is the mother's smile; surging river is the mother's hard work; affectionate is the mother's love! Mother's Day is coming, I wish our dearest, ordinary and great mother a happy holiday, a safe and happy life! (share)

If the coldest is the Arctic, then the warmest is the mother's embrace; if the most ugly expression is crying, then the most beautiful scenery is the mother's smile; I wish mother a happy mother's day, always healthy!

Mother's Day coincides with the weekend, special to send a pile of blessings: happy very sure, auspicious Ruyi, strive to develop, young and beautiful, beautiful face is really good. Mom, I wish you all good luck and harvest!

The height of the mountain is no more than the mother's love; the depth of the sea is no more than the mother's love; the depth of feeling is no more than the mother's love; the true meaning is no more than the mother's love; mother's Day wishes all mothers healthy and happy.

Dear mother, mother's Day is coming. I send you three carnations. The red one wishes you peace, health and longevity; the yellow one tells you how grateful you are; the pink one wishes you young and beautiful forever.

The blue sky needs rain to wash; the bright flowers need bee intimacy; the green mountains need mountains to Nestle; the gorgeous life needs mother's gift! Mother's Day is coming, don't forget to send a greeting to mother!

A phone call can comfort mother's lonely heart; a greeting can warm mother's lonely heart; go home to have a look can move mother's waiting heart; family reunion can complete mother's expectation heart. Mother's day, action proves you love her!

It's you who gave me life in October; it's you who nurtured me for many years; it's you who gave me a warm hug when I was in trouble; it's you who shared the joy with me when I was successful. Mom, I love you. Mother's Day is coming, I wish you happiness and health!

Mother's day in 2019

Born, came to the world at first sight, see is your gentle smile; babbling, came to the world first sentence, called out is your great name, mom. On Mother's day, I wish mothers all over the world will always be so beautiful.

Mother's love is like the sea, gushing; mother's heart is like the sun, hot; mother's words are like elixir, to save my heart, life's work for the happiness of children, mother's day, I wish my mother health and longevity, all the best.

Your hands full of calluses have my happy childhood; my white temples have my footprints of growth! Dear mother, you are my only concern! With mother's Day approaching, I wish you every success and good health!

Years of ruthless, white temples, you do not care, you only care about whether the children are happy; silent pressure, bent back, you never care, you only care about whether the children are happy; mother's day, a way: Mom, you work hard!

It's hard to fall asleep when you think of your relatives in a foreign country. You can't rely on your mother's heart. When you serve your relatives in a sickbed, you can't catch the feeling of kneeling and suckling when you were young. Life is hard to report, only mother, blue sea long day mirror my heart! The world mother health! My mother health!

I waited for a long time under the night sky, and finally saw the meteor across. The meteor asked me what my wish was and why you were waiting here. I said to meteor: mother's Day is coming. I hope the mother who receives this message will live a long and healthy life.

Being a stranger in a foreign land, I miss my mother most. Mother's Day is coming soon. I can't send carnations to you personally in a foreign land. I can only express my heart by SMS: Mom, I love you.

Years, smooth the number of difficult footprints, but not smooth you engraved in my heart that called the mother's name, always remember your kindness, mother's Day is coming, sincerely wish all mothers in the world health, peace.