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How to identify true and false silver? What are the benefits of wearing silver

Many women like to wear some jewelry, gold and silver jewelry to decorate themselves. Now many people will wear silver bracelets. Compared with other bracelets, silver bracelets are also more beautiful. What's more, silver bracelets will be good for their health if they are worn for a long time. Many friends worry that they will buy fake silver bracelets when they buy them. So how can they identify the real and fake silver? What are the benefits of wearing silver? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

the method of distinguishing true and false silver ornaments:

1. Look at the logo

According to the national regulations, the silver content of silver jewelry must be accurately marked. When buying, consumers should check whether there are signs about purity on the jewelry, such as S925, ag925 (common in fashion), or S990, ag990 (traditional Bracelet lock for children). If there is no indication, it can be concluded that it is a common metal.

2. Look at the color

The higher the purity of silver, the more white the silver bracelet will appear. The color of the mask is delicate, uniform, shiny and polished. If it contains lead, the moist flowers will be cyan gray. If it contains copper, the mask will be rough and rotten, and it will be relatively dry.

3. Look at the price

At present, the price of silver in Shanghai gold exchange is about 5 yuan per gram, which does not add the purchase cost, process cost and so on. If the price is too low, it must be the lack of purity or fake.

4. Weigh up

The density of silver is slightly higher than that of common metals, which is 10.53 g / cm3. Therefore, we can make a preliminary judgment on whether it is silver by weighing the weight.

5. Check the hardness

The hardness of silver is lower than that of copper, but higher than that of lead and tin. If the needle will slip and it is difficult to leave traces on the surface, it can be judged as copper jewelry; if it is made of lead and tin, the traces will be obvious and prominent; if there are traces on the real object and it is not obvious, it can be preliminarily judged as silver jewelry.

6. Verify with acid

Silver will change color and even dissolve in any acid. If a drop of concentrated hydrochloric acid is dropped on the inside of silver jewelry, white mossy silver chloride precipitation will be generated immediately. But other precious metals have no such phenomenon.

7. Listen to the sound

Silver is softer than platinum. If you drop it on a hard object, the silver bracelet will make a weak sound, while the sound of other metals is crisp.

Extended information:

Benefits of wearing silver jewelry:

1. Sterilization and health care

Silver products have strong sterilization ability, and silver has the effect of medical care. Silver ion has strong bactericidal effect, which is good for human body. It not only has economic value, beautiful and elegant, but also can be used as a tool for testing poison. The ancients said that health and wealth will be accompanied by silver. This is not only because of its precious metal, but also because it is more effective for human health than gold in medicine.

2. Promote wound healing.

It is found that silver can reduce the activity of metalloproteinases. Metalloproteinase (MMP) is a kind of protease, which exists in wound and can decompose necrotic tissue. Under normal circumstances, MMP maintains a balance with natural inhibitors and growth factors. The structure of MMP contains sulfhydryl group, and the activation of MMP needs the participation of zinc ion.

In burn or chronic trauma, the activity of MMP is increased. Excessive activity of MMP can destroy growth factors and new tissues, and hinder wound healing. Silver can combine with the sulfhydryl group in the structure of MMP, or reduce the excessive activity of MMP by reducing the zinc ion on the wound surface. It has also been reported that silver can increase the amount of calcium on the wound surface, and calcium can accelerate the speed of epithelial regeneration.

In addition, it has been reported that silver has the effect of increasing white blood cells. Before BC, the ancients knew that silver could accelerate wound healing, prevent infection, purify water quality and preserve food. It can prevent the growth of bacteria, tranquilize the five internal organs, calm the mind, stop palpitation and eliminate evil Qi.

3. Silver can be used to detect whether food is poisonous

Because silver can react with many toxins to make silver black and easy to identify with naked eyes. Silver as jewelry, he is beautiful, fashionable and beautiful, the important thing is that he has no radiation side effects on the body. Silver can detect many toxins. It can react chemically to make silver black. It can also react with other heavy metals to detect harmful substances.

So people with poor health will turn black with silver jewelry. At present, what science has confirmed is only that people wear silver ornaments and turn black, which can only show that people have rheumatic diseases and other diseases.

4. The thermal conductivity of silver is the most outstanding of all metals

It can rapidly radiate the heat of blood vessels, rapidly reduce the heat of blood vessels, and has excellent curative effect on the prevention of various diseases. Assuming that the thermal conductivity of silver is 100, that of gold is 53.2, that of iron is 11.6, and that of platinum is 8.2, this distinct thermal conductivity can rapidly reduce the heat of blood vessels and has excellent curative effect in preventing various diseases.

Silver has the function of absorbing toxicity, which is one of the reasons for its discoloration, so it has excellent disinfection performance. This discoloration is only a surface reaction, which can be eliminated with toothpaste or drugs. Therefore, the importance of silver to health can not be ignored.

5. According to the compendium of Materia Medica, silver has the effects of calming the five internal organs, calming the mind, treating palpitations, strengthening bones, calming the heart and improving the eyesight

Pure silver bracelet is a kind of expectation, a kind of love and a kind of protection that adults give to children. Hope that children grow up quickly, healthy and lively, long-term prosperity, safe access and so on, pure silver jewelry unique cold clean light has the finishing touch of the wonderful, quiet and graceful show noble and elegant, become the best blessing jewelry for thousands of years.