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What's the name of stimulation battlefield after it's renamed

Tencent's self-developed mobile game "survival of the Jedi: exciting battlefield" once exceeded 50 million by experience service, which is the largest "chicken eating" mobile game in China. However, on May 8, Tencent officially announced the end of the exciting battlefield test, and launched a "peace elite" game at the same time. Netizens agree that this is to stimulate the battlefield to change its name. Let's have a look at the truth!

Exciting battlefield renamed

According to the official news, after login, you will be prompted to update the game. After the update, you will download and install Tencent mobile game "peace elite". According to the system prompt, "peace elite" will open at 15:00 on May 8.

Due to the fact that it has not been granted the edition number, it has not been able to be realized smoothly since its launch in February 18. In China, we can only obtain meager profits through event authorization and resource replacement.

The number of users of "exciting battlefield" is 159 million, and Tencent is unable to make profits because it is guarding many players. Presumably, Tencent is also under great pressure, so it is reasonable to stop the test of "exciting battlefield" and turn to a new mobile game with more money.

What's the name of the exciting battlefield

It is said that "peace elite" will transform the account information, including friends, into virtual items such as ranks, military ranks and gold coins obtained in "exciting battlefield" through data conversion; The costumes once obtained will be converted into costume coins according to the number of grades, so that players can freely buy costumes among peace elites. Reward packages will also be given to players according to their previous test performance in photon tactical competitive games.

What's more, before the release of "peace elite" in early April, most people in Tencent game had never heard of this product, or even did an internal test. It can be said that almost no one knew about it except the project team, and the degree of confidentiality was very high.

According to the judgment of some organizations, peace elite may release a large number of players' recharge demand in the early stage. It is conservatively estimated that the monthly flow in the first month may exceed 1.5 billion yuan, the monthly flow in the stable period is about 800 million yuan, and the annual flow is over 10 billion yuan. If it can be launched in July, it may be 6 billion RMB in 2019. After considering the amortization, the net profit may reach more than 2 billion yuan.