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How to identify the true and false WanLiYang gearbox? An introduction to the identification method o

Gearbox is the core component of automobile. Domestic automobile enterprises are more dependent on imports and spend a lot of money to buy it from others. However, since this year, the self-developed gearbox has been more and more favored by automobile enterprises. Not long ago, it was reported that great wall BYD has abandoned Aixin gearbox! Instead of WanLiYang, will China be made to the end? So how to identify the true and false WanLiYang gearbox? How much do you know about the identification method of WanLiYang gearbox?

As we all know, Aisin is almost the best gearbox supplier. For example, Toyota and Volkswagen all purchase from here, and domestic independent brands are no exception. However, although the gearbox of Aisin is good, it also has a disadvantage that it is too expensive. Today's car market is relatively weak, so it is necessary to save costs. In addition, WanLiYang has devoted itself to research and development in recent years. With the rapid development of technology, low price and good quality gearbox, WanLiYang has naturally become the target of competition among major car companies. At a very early time, WanLiYang's CVT gearbox was used in arize 5 and emgrand. After Chery and Geely tasted and felt good, great wall and BYD were also excited.

Not long ago, Wan Liyang has reached cooperation with great wall and BYD to become the supplier of two auto companies. From this behavior, we can also see the real progress of domestic automobile enterprises in technology. In fact, WanLiYang's CVT gearbox is also very good, with good stability and reliability. For manufacturers, besides being cheap, it is easy to match, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. But at the same time, we have to admit that there is still a certain gap compared with Aisin's at gearbox.