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Beauty decides loan amount

Original title: the loan amount is decided by the appearance, which is called "Jiali loan" but actually "routine loan"

Taking young women working in entertainment places as the target of crime, taking low interest, no mortgage, no guarantee and quick loan as bait, this paper carries out "routine loan" in the name of "Jiali loan". Suspect criminal organization criminal organization has been blackmail and impose exactions on 3 gangs. The group of 2 Changsha gangs and 1 gangs in Hunan are sentenced to 2 groups of suspected criminals, such as crime of robbery, fraud, extortion, forced transaction, forced prostitution, illegal detention, and so on. They are authorized to arrest 27 suspects such as Li Yu and Zhou Bo. Catch.

Determine the amount of loan by appearance

The three criminal gangs headed by Zhou Bo, Li Yu and Yao Lin believe that young women working in entertainment places earn fast money, have high income and no property to mortgage, and it is difficult to obtain loans in formal financial institutions. Moreover, their work nature is special and they are easy to personal control. Therefore, they gather their own staff to attract them to borrow money with the bait of 'low interest, no mortgage, no guarantee, quick loan', and so on It is called "Jiali loan".

More than one suspect said, "we are putting up unsecured small loans. Before lending, we will first find out whether the borrowers are working places like bars or KTV, and ask them to send pictures or meet them to see if they are in shape or appearance to determine the amount of loans. 'in their opinion, good-looking girls are more popular in entertainment places and more capable of paying debts.

The name of "Jiali loan" is no mortgage and no guarantee. In fact, before making the loan, the victims will be required to take naked photos with their ID cards, detain their ID cards, copy their address book, install the designated ID on their mobile phones, or visit the victims' homes to make preparations for debt extortion.

Actually borrow 10000 yuan, but the IOU says 30000 yuan

When the three criminal gangs signed a loan agreement with the borrower, they would induce the victim to sign a loan agreement with a falsely high amount of money on such false grounds as' intermediary fee ',' business rules', 'margin' and 'home visit fee'. Some of them also signed yin-yang contracts (i.e. one high and one low contract and receipt for the same loan), multiple IOU (the amount of IOU is two times of the actual amount of loan), resulting in the victim being killed The amount of the loan contract is greater than the actual amount.

When transferring suspects, the suspect will transfer funds to the victim's account in accordance with the amount of the loan agreement that is high and false, and make the traces of bank water that has already delivered all the loans to the victim. After that, they asked the victim to return part of the money.

'when we borrow money, customers will never get the same amount as on the debit note. This is our business rule and our profit point. Multiple IOU is for a guarantee. Once the borrower is overdue, we will execute the loan contract according to the amount of IOU, which is also our profit point. After the case, the suspect confessed.

In the examination, the prosecutor found that one victim borrowed 10000 yuan, but Zhou Bo asked him to give a 20000 yuan IOU. Because the victim couldn't write "two" but only "three", Zhou Bo said to her, "it's OK. You can write 30000. We won't trouble you. When the victim was overdue, Zhou Bo illegally detained the victim and escorted him to his parents for 30000 yuan of debt and interest.

There are many ways to collect money, and "soft" and "hard" violence are all on the scene

According to the prosecutor, after the loan, the victim needs to pay the interest every day and return the principal when it is due. If the interest is not paid one day, the interest will double. If the principal is not paid when it is due, the victim also has to bear the expenses such as urging charges and liquidated damages. Once the victim is unable to repay, the criminal gang will take a variety of collection means.

They will publish violent debt collection videos or door-to-door debt collection information in the wechat circle of friends, causing psychological pressure on the victims. On the one hand, they intimidate the overdue victims to pay their debts; on the other hand, they intimidate the overdue victims to pay their debts on time. They will also find the victim face-to-face debt collection, to publicize the victim's privacy, or to threaten the victim's reputation, to force the victim to pay off his debts through prostitution, or to hand over the victim to other "routine loan" gangs after controlling him. Some victims have changed hands several times, and they are heavily in debt. They are forced to engage in prostitution or even taken abroad to engage in prostitution. The proceeds from prostitution can never be paid off.

For the disobedient victims, some gangs will resort to soft violence such as door-to-door harassment, threats, abuse of the victims and their parents, and violence such as illegal detention, robbery, beating the victims to extort debts.

On March 28 this year, Tianxin Branch of Changsha Public Security Bureau, under the unified coordination and command of Changsha Public Security Bureau, arrested and detained 29 people involved in the "routine loan" case code named '11 & middot; 07'. In April 30th, the procuratorate of Tianxin District of Changsha City, after examining, found that the gang headed by Li Yu and Zhou Bo was a criminal organization. It identified the gang headed by Yao Lin as a gang of evil forces, approved the arrest of 27 members of the 3 groups, and made a decision on the arrest of 2 people.

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