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Do you still dare to sleep with contact lenses

For many beauty loving girls, do they like to wear contact lenses? I don't know that sometimes wrong habits will bring great harm to themselves! Do take off contact lenses when you go to bed at night, otherwise it will bring fatal threat.

Patrick waldmer, an American ophthalmologist, recently shared photos of a woman sleeping with contact lenses on social media. Among them, a female patient's cornea was invaded by bacteria and her eyes exuded fluid similar to fluorescein, Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily reported.

Patrick said that the female patient suffered from Pseudomonas ulcer. The bacteria could proliferate in a few days and then engulf the cornea of the patient, leaving a thick white necrotic tissue behind the cornea. Patrick said it was all the result of patients sleeping with contact lenses.

Although antibiotics and steroids can be used for treatment, Patrick cautioned that this habit is likely to cause people's glasses to be infected by bacteria and even permanent loss of vision, the report said.

He suggested that it only takes a few seconds to remove the contact lenses, so don't be lazy and just sleep with the contact lenses on, otherwise it is likely to cause irreparable damage.