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What's the end of the exciting battlefield experience suit? Stimulate the battlefield to change its

What's the end of the exciting battlefield experience suit? Due to the ability to experience the original chicken eating game at any time, Tencent photon studio's "survival of the Jedi: exciting war" was recognized by many players soon after its release. However, since last night, some netizens have reported that "survival of the Jedi: the withdrawal of the stimulus war" has stopped, and another chicken eating mobile game "peace elite" under Tencent has started its public beta, which inevitably makes people guess the connection between the two games.

Peace elite begins public beta

In fact, "survival of the Jedi: exciting battle" and "peace elite" are chicken eating hand games produced by photon studio, but "peace elite" has passed the audit, which also means that players can recharge in "peace elite" to buy props. In addition, it is reported that in order to pass the review, the story background of "peace elite" has been changed to "all simulated anti-terrorism military competition experience activity", which is very similar to the previous Netease's "wilderness operation".

Peace elite

This morning, "survival of the Jedi: withdrawal of the stimulation war" announced that the "withdrawal test of the stimulation war" has officially ended, and the mobile game experience of the new anti-terrorism military competition developed by photon studio group will be tested today.

As a mobile game with a large number of users, "survival of the Jedi: stimulus war" has a great impact on the whole game industry. However, due to the delayed release of the version number, it is extremely difficult for the game to be realized. Now the approved "peace elite" is officially launched, which also marks that Tencent's chicken eating mobile game has finally realized commercial realization.