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How about Zhangting wechat business? Is it true that Zhang Ting encourages employees to earn 2 billi

Recently, some netizens met Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang at Shanghai railway station. On the same day, the couple wore a couple's white T-shirt, jeans and bright sports shoes. The overall dress was very casual.

Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang went to Shanghai to participate in company activities

It is reported that Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang are going to Shanghai to participate in the company's activities this time. Later, some netizens released the live video of the day. It can be seen from the video that Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang were in a very good mood that day. As soon as they entered the venue, after the music started, Zhang Ting and his wife began to dance with the music

Ting Zhang was more of a show of affection on the spot. She was very intimate with her husband Lin Ruiyang applied the mask produced by the company, and many employees cheered on it. 'Oh, my God, I am happy, my eldest brother is also happy'. I think Lin Ruiyang is really happy. He smiled very happily. But now he has no old handsome, smiling face is wrinkles, can only be described with kindness.

However, Zhang Ting is still very beautiful. Her skin is really good, young and full of girlishness. It seems that female stars are really good at maintenance.

Zhang Ting encourages employees to earn 2 billion a month on stage

The couple were also very excited on the stage. Zhang Ting took the employees to shout the slogan of "breaking through 2 billion in May". It seems that their company's business is very good. They are so confident that they can make 2 billion a month. Many netizens also said that they were really entrenched. They didn't expect that Zhang Ting's wechat business was so powerful. However, some netizens said that the scene was too terrible, just like the MLM scene.

In fact, although many people don't like the wechat business of Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang, they do make a lot of money, and even their employees are very generous.

It is reported that when the annual meeting was held in January, Zhang Ting gave a red envelope on the spot, and even gave a 10 month year-end bonus. It cost 280 million to pay employees every moonlight. Their company is also the top 100 tax paying enterprises in Qingpu District of Shanghai, paying 2.1 billion yuan in taxes, and the value of the couple is as high as 32.8 billion yuan.