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How to identify real and fake Dior lipstick? Identification of the authenticity of Dior lipstick

Lipstick is essential for us girls. We can eat less food, but how can we not have lipstick? Now, which lipstick control girl doesn't have three or five Lipsticks in her hand. Many girls especially like Dior lipstick. It's really charming whether it's the appearance, packaging or the effect after application. So how to identify real and fake Dior lipstick? Let's take a look at the related introduction with Xiaobian. Identification of the authenticity of Dior Lipstick:

1. Look at Dior's lipstick from the outer packaging.

The letter and color number of the genuine outer packing box are printed in detail, and the printing of the fake is thicker than that of the genuine, which can be seen by comparison.

2, look at Dior's color lipstick from LOGO.

The CD logo on the top of the authentic product is of fine workmanship, and the font is the same as the central font of the QR code on the outer packing box. Fake top CD logo rough workmanship, font is completely different.

3, from the two-dimensional code to see Dior Color Lipstick true or false

The two-dimensional code of the genuine outer packaging box is still clear when magnified 100 times, and the fake two-dimensional code is much fuzzier than the genuine one after magnified.

4. Look at Dior's lipstick from the outer packaging.

The printing on the side of the authentic outer packing box is very clear, and the contrast between the thickness of the text is not obvious. If you don't look carefully, you will hardly notice that the original letters are of different thickness.

5, from the letter, Dior discoloration lipstick is true and false.

The quality of the lipstick is better than that of the fake, and the font is also different. The tail of the genuine letter R is thinner than the fake, the letter O is rounder than the fake, and the beginning and end of the letters I and D are more meticulous than the fake.

6, from the small label to see Dior Color Lipstick true or false

The small label on the bottom of the lipstick is very clear and meticulous, rubbing gently with fingers, and some uneven feel. Fake printing is very rough, a little magnification on the fuzzy can not see clearly.

7, from the paste, look at the Dior Color Lipstick true and false.

The first lip of the authentic lipstick needs a little effort to turn it around. The lipstick paste is slightly higher than the lipstick tube. Genuine fine workmanship, cutting is very round, leaving no burr. Fake rough workmanship, leaving a lot of rough edges and friction marks. The genuine cream has a light cream flavor, and the fake one is like the transparent fruit flavor rubber used in childhood.

8, from the printing point of view, Dior color lipstick is true and false.

Genuine Greek part of the printing rules, the split point more than fake. The Greek part of the fake is very disorderly printed, with different thicknesses. The enlarged text below shows that the thicknesses of the genuine and the fake are also different.

9, from the lipstick shell to see the color of Dior lipstick true and false

The letter on the lipstick shell is printed on the acrylic interlayer, the fake is printed directly on the surface, and it can easily be rubbed off. Authentic lipstick shell color is relatively transparent and transparent, lipstick at the bottom is more obvious. Fake low transparency, color belongs to dark pink.

Extended information:

Dior Dior luxury logo design color does not use too much modification, direct solid black. The whole logo is very smooth and simple. Coordinate the letter D with every detail of the design. Use the d letter just right. The design of all luxury goods is very strict in the pursuit of details. The combination of D letter and O in Dior logo design is a very interesting model. A semicircle and ellipse form a perfect arc.

Brand identity:

Dior clothing is different from other brands in that it never uses any obvious logo such as CD or Dior to put on the clothes. (even if there is Dior classic logo, it is also very light color. For example, Dior logo with light gray background and dark gray words on the collar of some clothes and Dior words with unobvious but magnificent style on the hand strap of some bags. Dior doesn't put the logo outside.) Christian Dior Paris is the best identification method. In addition, Dior's high-end clothing series (of course, Dior itself is a high-end brand, here refers to the high-end in the high-end) has a very thin red line under the bar code, which is said to be the original creation of Dior.

CD: this abbreviation often appears in Dior's accessories, such as glasses frame side, buckle, belt, wallet.

Dior: hanging on the lifting ring, the key ring is made of four letters of Dior, which is the most obvious sign of 'Lady Dior' leather bag. Later, it almost became another obvious sign of Dior.

Diamond pattern: Dior special diamond pattern, less appear in clothing, more can be seen on Dior wallet.

Roses, lilies of the valley, and flowers: whether they are direct flowers or artistic metaphors, roses, tulips, and other flowers often appear in Dior high-end uniforms or fashion.