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How to quickly identify true and false wolfberry? Simple steps to teach you easy identification

Black wolfberry is a valuable tonic, but also a good medicine, we use black wolfberry for the weak people have a good effect, black wolfberry market a lot, but the good and bad are intermingled, a lot of fake and shoddy, so how to quickly identify the true and false black wolfberry? Next, I'll tell you some of my own experience in identifying black wolfberry. I'll teach you a few simple moves to easily identify it.

Methods / steps:

First, the black wolfberry is a precious tonic, which is rich in nutrition. Authentic Black wolfberry can improve human immunity, but also help hematopoietic cells grow. We should distinguish the black wolfberry from the taste first. Authentic Black wolfberry is slightly sweet and astringent.

Second, black wolfberry is a very good tonic. Its shape looks like the kidney. When we choose black wolfberry, the shape identification is also very important. We need to see if the general shape of the black wolfberry is like the kidney. If the black wolfberry is not approved, it should be genuine.

Third, the main variety of counterfeit black wolfberry on the market is Nitraria fruit, but this kind of variety Nitraria fruit is mononuclear, and Nitraria fruit is not as strong as black wolfberry in blue and purple, and it tastes bitter, so we must pay attention to it when we distinguish it.

Fourth, we can identify the black wolfberry by tasting its taste. There are many counterfeit products on the market, such as dyed black wolfberry, which look very similar and can hardly be identified, but the taste is different. The dyed black wolfberry tastes sharp, while the dyed black wolfberry is sweet and astringent, but it is very natural.

Fifthly, when you identify the black wolfberry, we can also try the water soaking experiment, because after the black wolfberry is soaked in water, with the release of anthocyanin, the color of the black wolfberry gradually becomes lighter. After a long time, you will find that the black wolfberry will turn into a blue-white translucent color.

Sixth, different water quality can also be used to judge the authenticity of black Lycium barbarum. The method is relatively simple, because the anthocyanins of black Lycium barbarum are very interesting. If you soak it in tap water, the black Lycium barbarum is light blue. If you use pure water, it is purple. But with the increase of soaking time, the difference will gradually decrease.

Seventh, if you want to buy fresh black wolfberry, it's very easy to identify. When we buy black wolfberry, we can crush the seeds. If there are about ten small seeds in the genuine black wolfberry, the shape of the small seeds is fruit like, and they are 100% genuine.

Eighth, because the price of black wolfberry is more expensive, so many businesses will counterfeit. But we just need to remember that if the black wolfberry is pure natural, its upper and lower ends are of the same size, and its formation is very regular. Just a little observation can show it, so that you won't be fooled.