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How to brew wolfberry tea? What are the functions of wolfberry tea

Chinese wolfberry tea is a traditional Chinese health tea. It uses Chinese wolfberry as the main raw material, and it can be brewed with boiling water when needed. Besides, it can also add chrysanthemum, red jujube, longan and other ingredients according to its own needs. After brewed, Chinese wolfberry tea tastes sweet and has high nutritional value. People can keep healthy and prevent diseases after drinking it. The following is an introduction to its efficacy and brewing methods Detailed introduction, you can take a serious look.

Efficacy and function of wolfberry tea

1. Anti aging

Enhancing the body's anti-aging ability is an important function of Lycium tea. Lycium polysaccharide, carotene, vitamin E, trace element selenium and other nutrients are natural anti-aging substances. They can enhance the function of various organs of the human body, improve the activity of human tissue cells, and prevent free radicals from damaging the human body. They can enhance the quality of the human body and delay the development of the human body Aging symptoms occur.

2. Replenish energy

Lycium barbarum tea contains Lycium barbarum polysaccharides absorbed by the human body, can be quickly converted into energy, can meet the human body's normal metabolism of energy needs, and can enhance the human body's anti fatigue ability, in people engaged in strenuous exercise or heavy physical labor, when physical fatigue occurs, drink Lycium barbarum tea in time, can let the physical strength recover as soon as possible.

3. Protecting liver and improving eyesight

The main function of Lycium barbarum tea is to protect liver and prevent vision loss. Lycium barbarum tea contains Lycium barbarum polysaccharides and amino acids, which can reduce the activity of transaminase in blood, repair damaged liver cells and enhance liver detoxification ability. Lycium tea contains vitamin A and carotene, can also directly act on human eyes, can improve vision, relieve eye fatigue.

How to brew wolfberry tea

There are many brewing methods of wolfberry tea. The simplest and most common method is to put the right amount of wolfberry directly in the glass and brew it with boiling water of about 90 degrees. After brewing, the right amount of sugar or honey can be added to flavor the wolfberry tea, which will make the taste of wolfberry tea more attractive. Medlar tea can also be brewed with different ingredients or Chinese herbal medicines according to their own needs, such as ginseng, pilose antler, longan, red dates and other ingredients can be added to the medlar tea, which will make the health care effect of medlar tea more excellent.