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What are the functions of collagen? Benefits of collagen supplement

Collagen is not unfamiliar to people. It is a natural substance with beauty effect. Many cosmetics on the market now contain collagen, which can increase skin elasticity and delay skin aging. There are many effects of collagen, but it also has certain taboos when taking it. The following small series to introduce the efficacy and role of collagen.

Efficacy and function of collagen

1. Improve skin moisturizing ability

Enhancing the moisturizing ability of human skin is one of the important functions of collagen, because collagen contains some natural moisturizing factors, and its unique triple helix structure can lock the water in human skin and prevent the loss of water, so people usually take some collagen to keep the skin moist and tender.

2. Nourish delicate skin

After the human body absorbs collagen, it can increase the permeability of the skin, and it can combine with human epithelial cells through the stratum corneum and upper layer of human skin, promote the metabolism of human skin cells, and increase the activity of collagen in skin cells. Regular consumption can play an important role in nourishing delicate skin.

3. Tighten skin

Tightening the skin, increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles are also important functions of collagen, because collagen can fill the gap between human skin and dermis, make the skin more compact, and the skin tension will be significantly improved, and the pores will be reduced. People who often use collagen will make the skin in a tight and elastic state.

4. Increase skin gloss

Increasing skin gloss is also an important role for people to take collagen, because the skin gloss depends on the amount of water in the skin, and collagen has a strong hydrating and moisturizing ability, so people can make the skin moist, smooth and shiny after taking it.

The taboo of collagen

Although collagen has obvious cosmetic effect, those people with low renal function or renal insufficiency, gout or tumor insist on eating it, otherwise it will have some adverse effects on their body, which is very harmful to human health.