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What is the effect that wind oil essence drops navel eye? Notes on the application of Fengyoujing in

Summer mosquito bites will use balm, balm in addition to these uses to prevent mosquito bites, some people also like to use it drop navel, people use it drop navel what effect will it have? Balm drop navel, need to pay attention to what?

Effect of essential balm on navel

1. Antidiarrhea

Antidiarrhea is one of the important effects of people dropping balm into the navel. In daily life, many people will have abdominal pain or diarrhea after eating cold food. At this time, you can take an appropriate amount of balm, drop it directly into the navel, and cover the navel with adhesive tape to prevent the outflow of balm. In this way, it can play an important role in dispelling cold, relieving diarrhea, anti-inflammatory and sterilization, and can be used as a medicine So that people's symptoms of diarrhea quickly reduced.

2. Pain relief

When people smear balm in or around the navel eye, it can also play a significant analgesic effect. The substances such as peppermint leaf eucalyptus oil are natural analgesic ingredients, and the navel eye is especially close to the human abdominal cavity. When people smear it on the navel eye, it can improve the contraction ability of capillary vessels, and also can significantly reduce the pain of human.

Points for attention in dropping essential balm into navel

1. Pay attention to the dosage

The dosage is the place that people need to pay attention to when they use essential balm to drop the navel. In this case, people use essential balm to drop at most three drops. If the amount is too much, it is easy to cause obvious irritation at the navel, which will cause discomfort to the human body. In addition, camphor contained in essential balm also has certain toxicity. After it penetrates into the skin excessively, it will enter into the human blood, which will cause injury Let the toxic substances in the blood increase, after a long time may lead to high incidence of blood diseases.

2. Forbidden for special groups

Special people in life can't use Fengyoujing to drop their navel, which is also the most important thing that people need to pay attention to when using Fengyoujing to drop their navel, especially those younger infants and pregnant women can't use Fengyoujing to drop their navel, otherwise it will have adverse effects on their body, especially pregnant women who use Fengyoujing to drop their navel may let Fengyoujing The medicinal ingredients in the stomach are absorbed by the fetus, which will seriously affect the normal development of the fetus.