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What are the top ten cities of mobile payment? See if your city is in the top 10

Just on May 6, "China mobile payment development report (2019)" was released at the second digital China Construction Summit in Fuzhou. According to statistics, in 2018, the top ten cities in the total index of mobile payment are: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wenzhou and Nanjing. Have you seen your city in the top ten?

From the perspective of classification, Beijing ranked first in the basic index of mobile payment informatization, Shanghai ranked first in the commercial consumption index of mobile payment, and Hangzhou ranked first in the government affairs and people's livelihood index of mobile payment.

The development of mobile payment cannot do without the contribution of Alipay and WeChat to the two big payment giants. Alipay's hometown Hangzhou is also a leading city in mobile payment in terms of penetration rate, coverage, service depth and so on.

What is it like to experience mobile payment in Hangzhou? You can experience a life without cash. Taking the bus, taking the subway, going to restaurants, staying in hotels, taking a taxi, and even buying pancakes at street stalls, all these consumer behaviors can be completed with a single mobile phone, which is the power of Hangzhou mobile payment.

Today, 98% of taxis, more than 95% of supermarkets and convenience stores, more than 80% of catering stores, as well as the vast majority of beauty salons, KTVs, leisure and entertainment places in Hangzhou support mobile payment.

In 2017, Alipay officially collected micro-blog's mobile payment 'dead corner' and received nearly 20 thousand requests from netizens: 'Starbucks can't bind Alipay' and bus card quickly. '' traffic police pay a ticket, and this fix has convinced'… …

A year later, Alipay administrative micro blog covered the red scarlet seal behind the recommendations -''180 city has been opened 'pilot'&hellip'; … more and more people are concerned about the death of the city has quietly transformed, mobile payment is forming a more intensive network. Since then, it has become a new habit for Hangzhou people to go out without wallet.