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How to distinguish true from false in stokev3? Introduction of identification method of stokev3

As a result, the Stokke baby carriage is more and more popular in China. The vast majority of people who are not satisfied with the real and fake Stokke products will have frustration psychology, which will make people have an unpleasant emotional experience psychologically, and lead to the imbalance of psychological and physiological activities. So how can Stokke V3 identify the real and fake? Stokev3 identification methods to understand the look.

Compare the position of the back of the pedal.

This picture needs to be enlarged. This is the back of the pedal of a real car. There are several small circles with evenly distributed dots inside, and there is no plastic burr around the circle. This is probably the process of the mold. No matter how high the imitation of a fake car is, it's still fake. It can't be as detailed as a real car. Otherwise, it's equivalent to the cost of a real car. How can we make money.

On the back of the pedal of the last fake car:

There are also several small circles on the fake car, but it is obvious that there are no small dots inside the circle, and there are plastic burrs around the circle. I think this is the place where I can identify the true and the false. It's clear at a glance.

2. Compare the screw buttons on both sides of the roof

This is the screw button of a real car. The technology of screw nail is very round and smooth.

This is the screw button of a fake car. The process of screw nail is obviously different. It's concave convex, not integrated. The same location is different.

3. Compare the armrest buckle

This is the real car's armrest clasp position. There is a small circle on it. Someone on the Internet once sent this one. There is no small circle on the fake car's armrest clasp position.

4. The difference of denim shopping bags

The trademark logo next to the real shopping bag is orange, and the fake one is gray.

This is a shopping bag that I bought on Taobao. The small trademark on the bag is gray, with the reflective word "stoke" on it.

4. Compare the wheel size

This is a comparison between the rear wheels of the two cars. The rear wheels of the real car are obviously wider than those of the fake car. It is estimated that only when the real car and the fake car are put together can we see the difference. So many online buyers of genuine goods bought wheel protection covers on Taobao. They often wear them on the rear wheels, which are broken in a few days. The reason is very simple. The real car's wheels are wide, and the wheel covers they bought are fake. They are made according to the proportion of high imitation cars, so the real car can't be used.

5. Compare the workmanship of the car body to see if there are mold lines

When you zoom in on this picture, you can see the lines on the car body. The fake mold is rough and the real car body is smooth. At least there are no such lines at all.

6. Compare accessories and cup holder

This is the cup holder of a real car. There is a small circle on the top right of the logo letter. Inside is an R letter, which is the small black dot on the upper right corner of the letter in the picture. This is the general logo of the trademark. The cup holder I bought in Taobao doesn't have this small logo. I didn't shoot the fake cup holder.

In addition, there are many details that are easy to see when comparing the two cars. For example, the color of the fake car is a little darker than that of the real car, and so on. But these distinguishing methods can only be compared when the real and fake cars are put together.

Now many sellers on Taobao are selling high imitation goods, but the price of authentic cars is very high. They are highly praised. They have all kinds of copies of customs declaration forms, instructions and warranty cards, and they can register on the official website. It is said that registration on the official website is purely cheating. You can register directly according to the number of the car body, or even change a few numbers yourself. It can only be said that such a seller is too unkind! Praise is water, of course, there are many places where there is no store mothers do spend high prices to buy fake cars, and do not know, but also took a lot of pictures of real cars to the seller praise.

As for the previous primary identification methods, such as whether the packing box is opened horizontally or vertically, whether the zipper is YKK or Stokke, the difference between the tail of the safety button, the blue sticker on the pedal, etc., these have been updated by counterfeiting. I don't know if this post will help them continue to improve the quality of high imitation, but counterfeits are counterfeits, and there are always flaws.