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How to peel durian shell? Common methods of peeling durian shell

Durian is also known as the king of tropical fruits. The taste of durian is very strange, so many people love it and many people hate it. People who want to eat durian are often hindered by durian's hard shell. How can we peel the durian shell? Let's take a look at the common methods of peeling durian!

How to peel durian shell

Method 1

There are several obvious lines on the top of durian. After wearing gloves and pricking 2 cm along the line with a sharp knife, shake the knife from left to right. If the durian is ripe, with a little effort, it will explode by itself. Otherwise, it is not fully mature. You can pack a newspaper and put it in a warm place for two days. Durian mouth, the fingers into the mouth has been opened, a little force to break, divided into 5 pieces, and then directly take the meat can be eaten.

Method 2

Durian has the function of post ripening. It should be stored in a cool place. The mature fruit will split from the top. If the gap is large, you can break it directly by hand. You don't need to use too much force to break it. Just take out the durian meat flap and eat it.

Common methods of peeling durian shell

Method 3

If the gap of durian is not large enough to be broken by hand, you can use a sharp knife to cut the gap, pry the gap of durian larger, and then break it by hand. If you are afraid that you will hurt your hand with a knife, you can also pick up the durian and drop it a few times, which will make the crack bigger.