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How to identify true and false wool quilt? What are the tips of choosing wool quilt

There are many woolen coats and sweaters on the market. They are made of pure wool. How can we identify the true and false woolen quilts? What are the tips of choosing wool quilt? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

difference method: look at the sign, smell with nose, touch with hand.

1. First look at the logo

100% wool quilt has the most basic features, such as trademark, approval certificate, certification mark and opening to check the purity of wool. Only with these characteristics, can we make real high quality wool quilt. If these marks are missing on the quilt, especially if there is no opening to check the purity of the wool, the quilt may be fake.


No identification:

2. Smell with your nose

After a series of processing procedures such as cleaning and carbonization, the real high-quality wool quilt has no mutton flavor, only slight wool odor, which will volatilize after opening the package for a moment. Fake wool quilt will have a strong mutton flavor, which is caused by soaking sheep urine with other fur fibers in order to imitate wool quilt.

3. Touch it with your hand

The pure wool quilt feels very soft. If you feel very hard or fragile when touching the wool quilt, sponge or other fiber materials may be added to the quilt, which may seriously lead to excessive formaldehyde.

Extended information:

Tips for choosing wool quilt:

Shopping Tips 1: look

Generally speaking, there are zippers on the side of wool quilt, so consumers can open the zipper to observe the color of wool. As the wool of authentic lamb is off white, if the color of wool is snow white, it means that there are too many procedures for decontamination and impurity removal, which may damage the surface protein.

In addition, also depends on the length of the fiber thickness of the wool quilt, too thin too thick wool is not good. And the wool is wrapped cloth is also not to be ignored, in the purchase to check its outer layer cloth must not have coating, it is very likely that because the rate of wool grease inside, impurity removal is not qualified, and the use of outer layer to prevent leakage.

Shopping tips 2: smell

Smelling is also a pick-up trick. You can tell by smelling the wool quilt. Generally speaking, the carbonized, cleaned and combed wool will not have any peculiar smell, let alone the smell of mutton. If there is a smell, it means that the quality of wool quilt has problems.

Shopping tips 3: touch

The last trick is to touch. When selecting, you can touch the softness of the fabric. If the quilt is hard or brittle, it is likely that the fabric contains sponge or coating. This kind of wool quilt not only has poor comfort, but also has the phenomenon of formaldehyde exceeding the standard.