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Is the person that loves to sweat body empty? Is sweating too much good for your body

Many people sweat in summer, but for some people. Sweating too much is the body too weak? Sweating too much is good for the body? What are the precautions after sweating?

Is the person that loves perspiration body empty

Love sweating is not necessarily body deficiency, but body deficiency people will sweat, or pay attention to their own health problems.

Fat people are more likely to sweat, fat people are mostly body deficiency, but not body deficiency is easy to sweat, whether a person loves sweating is related to his own constitution, sweat gland function is developed, easy to sweat, metabolism is relatively strong, normal excretion of garbage, so don't worry too much, sweating must be the performance of body deficiency.

Is sweating too much good for your body

For healthy people, sweating is good for detoxification, which is a good way to detoxify.

The correct method of sweating is beneficial to people's health, can detoxify, promote metabolism, can also promote local blood circulation and so on, when necessary, go to the hospital to see what kind of sweating, symptomatic treatment, usually drink more water, strengthen exercise, I wish you health.

Precautions after sweating

1. Drink immediately after sweating a lot

Autumn tiger is still in, many mm after strenuous exercise will choose to drink a lot of water immediately. After exercise, there is a large amount of water shortage in the body, so it is necessary to supplement water properly. However, drinking a lot of water will reduce the content of salt in the blood, easily lead to muscle cramps and other phenomena, and even lead to headache, vomiting and other diseases. So drink water after exercise, step by step, so that the body can adapt.

2. Be careful with sports drinks

Many mm like to drink some sports drinks at ordinary times, think it can quickly replenish energy for the body. In fact, many sports functional drinks on the market are set up for people who exercise a lot, which can instantly supplement energy, but the calories are higher. If the amount of exercise is small, the pressure on the kidney is also large, so it is recommended to eat sports drinks carefully.

3. Drink plenty of water before going to bed

Many mm feel it's easy to dry up, so they drink a lot of water before going to bed. But drinking a lot of water before going to bed will lead to body edema, gastrointestinal burden, also easy to lead to insomnia. Therefore, it is recommended to drink a small cup of 200ml water before going to bed. If you feel that your lips and skin are dry in the morning, you can equip a humidifier indoors.

4. Drink light salt water

Many mm have heard that getting up early and drinking light salt water can clear the stomach, but light salt water is not suitable for people with poor heart function and high blood pressure. Especially in the morning, when the blood viscosity is the highest, drinking light saline will aggravate dry mouth, promote the rise of blood pressure.