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Which fruit is the worst? Top 10 worst fruits

Fruit is everyone's daily life to eat, although some fruits have a lot of nutrition, but the taste is not good, relatively bad. Next, let's introduce the top ten most delicious fruits. Let's know in advance and don't buy them blindly.

Which fruit is the worst

1. Huoshenguo

Among the top ten unsavory fruits, huoshenguo ranks first. Huoshenguo is a bit like huolongguo. However, its skin is yellow and tastes like cucumber, but it is not as sweet as cucumber.

2. Avocado

The appearance of avocado is green. It is a kind of fruit with rich nutrition. However, it is not delicious and has a salty smell. It's also recognized as the worst fruit.

3. Snake skin fruit

The appearance of this fruit and snake skin are a bit of a dead face. It tastes sweet and sour, like durian and jackfruit.

4. Egg yolk fruit

After the yolk fruit is cut, it's yellow inside, a bit like the yolk. It tastes a little bitter.

5. Yacon

Yacon is similar to sweet potato. It tastes unique, just like potato with sugar cane.

Top 10 worst fruits

6. Ginseng fruit

Ginseng fruit nutrition is very comprehensive, however, the taste is poor, eat up a kind of sour feeling.

7. Wax apple

The skin of the wax apple is red, a bit like a big pepper, and tastes like a sponge with a lot of water.

8. Rambutan

Rambutan skin has a lot of hair, like a red lion, taste a little similar to litchi, but the taste is poor.

9. Mysterious fruit

Mysterious fruit skin is red, looks very beautiful, but it tastes a little sour.

10. Durian

Durian is very nutritious, but it has a special taste. Some people think it has a bad smell. Therefore, durian is also considered as a kind of relatively bad fruit.