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What's the matter with Fu Lian's breaking through $2 billion? The box office of Fu Lian 4 has surpas

What's the matter with Fu Lian 4 breaking through $2 billion? Fu Lian 4's box office surpasses Titanic, second only to avatar. A lot of friends don't know the specific content. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

What's the matter with Fulian's breaking through $2 billion

On May 5, North American time, the global box office of "Avengers 4: the final battle" broke through the $2 billion mark, reaching a total of $2188.7 million, surpassing "Titanic" (2187.5 million), becoming the world's second largest box office in film history, second only to "Avatar" (2.788 billion).

In this regard, netizens commented: This is the last battle of the alliance. The goal is not to destroy hegemony, but to surpass avatar!

It is reported that previously, according to cat's eye data, "Avengers 4: the final battle" took seven days, 17 hours and 28 minutes, breaking the record of "the fastest breaking 3 billion" in Chinese film history. Previously, the fastest was "wandering earth", which took nine days, 15 hours and 2 minutes. At 0:00 a.m. on May 1, the film surpassed "speed and passion 8" with a box office of 2.78 billion yuan and became the new champion of imported films in the mainland.

Fu Lian 4 won the title of the world's top box office movie at the premiere weekend

According to the official micro blog of Guinness World Records, "Avengers 4: the final battle" broke the record of "Avengers 3: Infinite War" with the opening weekend box office of 1.209 billion US dollars, and won the Guinness world record title of "the world's highest box office movie at the premiere weekend".

At the same time, "Fu Lian 4" also reached another Guinness World Record: it took only five days for the world's fastest box office movie to reach 1 billion. Previously, it took 11 days for Avengers 3: Infinite War, the record holder, to break through 1 billion.