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What sport can thin leg? What does thin thigh eat good

Many girls are worried about their thighs. It's not good-looking to wear thick trousers on their thighs. So how can they make their thighs thin? What kind of exercise should they do to thin their thighs? What kind of food should they eat in the process of slimming? Let's have a look!

Can high leg lift thin thigh

High leg lifting is a very simple aerobic exercise, which is very convenient and has little field limitation. Although high leg lifting is carried out in situ, it drives the whole body, especially the thigh. At this time, it is easy to cause fat burning, promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the thigh, and it can not only consume the excess fat of the thigh, It can also help people improve their flexibility and flexibility, which is very good.

High leg lift is a simple aerobic exercise. Through constantly changing and raising the movement of legs, it can promote blood flow, burn leg fat, tighten leg muscles and beautify leg lines. But it's not suitable for everyone, especially for muscular legs.

What sport can thin leg

Mountaineer running

In fact, many people think that mountaineers and treadmills are the same. In fact, mountaineers exercise their legs more thoroughly, because mountaineers have slope training. During the operation of the machine, our legs need to move alternately. The legs will consume a lot of heat and accelerate the burning and decomposition of leg fat because of cross training. Therefore, for women who love beauty, Mountaineer running is very thin.


Pilates is a very popular fitness exercise in recent years. Although it is similar to yoga, Pilates can not only shape and lose weight, but also accelerate the burning of body fat in the process of exercise, which is very helpful for weight loss. And in the Pilates movement, there is a special movement for leg shaping, through the exercise of Pilates leg movement, can play a very good role in thin legs.

Cycling in the air

As the name suggests, the air bicycle movement is to lie flat on the mat, lift the legs up and try to maintain a vertical state, and then simulate the action of stepping on the bicycle, and constantly change the action of the bicycle. In this process, support the waist with your hands, and let the buttocks away from the ground, so as to increase the effect of exercise, thin legs are very good.

What does thin thigh eat good

1. Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C and cellulose. After absorbing water, the fiber will expand and produce a sense of satiety; it can also increase the speed of breaking down fatty acids and effectively prevent the accumulation of fat in the lower body, especially in the legs.

2. Laver

Laver is born in the sea, rich in vitamins and minerals, it has a lot of taurine, can effectively reduce harmful cholesterol, maintain intestinal health, eliminate our lower body fat.

3. Banana

Banana can promote digestion. It has always been a fruit for strengthening the stomach and digestion. Moreover, it keeps good energy after eating. It's not easy to be hungry. It's better to eat banana than cucumber to lose weight.

4. Celery

Celery contains a lot of colloidal calcium carbonate, easy to be absorbed by the human body, usually pay attention to intake more calcium, can make legs become a must know, effectively prevent the emergence of radish legs. Celery is also rich in potassium, which can effectively prevent and improve leg swelling.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes have diuretic and remove the role of pain, usually need to stand for a long time, it is recommended to eat more tomatoes, preferably raw, or made into salad and juice, can effectively eliminate leg fatigue, strengthen the leg blood circulation.