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How does the bracelet on the hand take off to do? Have you tried these methods

What's the trick for a bracelet that can't be taken off? Many friends who love jewelry may encounter this problem. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to take the bracelet off at a jewelry store. So what should we do at this time?

Wash hands with hand cream or soapy water

The purpose of this is to make the hand lubricated to reduce resistance. First of all, wet your hands thoroughly, then wipe soap, hand cream or some greasy cosmetics on your hands for several times to make the whole wrist and hands fully lubricated, and finally try to take the bracelet off your wrist. If hand obesity is not particularly serious, you will find that as long as you use a little force to shrink your hand, you can easily take off the bracelet on your hand.

When applying soap or hand cream to your hands, be sure to apply more. Especially in the base of the index finger and the edge of the little finger these two more prominent joints daub. When you are ready to take it off, the other hand must hold the bracelet firmly to prevent the bracelet from falling off and damaging. In addition, when taking out the palm to try to shrink, the best straight direction out, do not need to rotate.

PS: if the first method still can't be removed, you can try to ice the palm with ice water. Under the cold contraction of ice water, the muscle and skin tissue of the palm will contract and the volume will be smaller. Then repeat the first method to lubricate the palm and try to extract again.

Set a fresh-keeping bag

It is said that this method is super practical. The specific method is to put the fresh-keeping bag through the bracelet and take off the bracelet with its less friction. If it is more difficult to remove, a small amount of emulsion can be applied to the fresh-keeping bag, which can also reduce the friction effect and remove the bracelet more quickly.

Specific operation steps:

1. Find a plastic bag and try to be thinner. Put the gloves in the plastic bag, then clasp the bracelet with four fingers of the right hand.

2. Try to shrink the left hand, straight out of the bracelet, do not need to turn.

3. If you are lucky, you can take it down at one time. If you can't, you can ask your family to help.

Rope binding method

This method is popular on the Internet at present. First, press the thumb to the palm of the hand, and then tie the rope from the fingers to the wrist where the bracelet is worn. It's a single layer, but the key points must be dense. Then put the end of the rope under the bracelet, and finally push the rope around the bracelet. Add hand sanitizer or emulsion when necessary.

Specific operation steps:

1. Put your thumb in the palm of your hand.

2. The place from fingers to bracelets must be single-layer and the key points must be dense.

3. Put the end of the rope under the bracelet.

4. Push the rope around the bracelet and come back in circles.

In general, the bracelet can be picked up in this way.

If you still can't take the bracelet off by using the above three methods, there are two other methods. One is to go to the nearby Jade Shopping Mall and find a salesperson to help. Because they often help customers do this kind of thing, they have already had experience.