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What are the taboos of wearing jade bracelets? How to clean and maintain jade bracelets

There are many advantages of jade bracelet, which is well known. Ancient gentleman wearing jade is a symbol of status and integrity. Can you take a bath if you wear jade bracelet? What are the taboos of wearing jade bracelet? Today Xiaobian will take you to learn more!

Can I take a bath with jade bracelets?

Jade is not afraid of water, oil and sweat. The more jade is worn, the more moist it is. General detergent, soap, shower gel will not hurt jade, as long as you don't soak in it for a long time.

It's no problem to take a bath. It's common to wear it all your life. However, if you wear a jade pendant with a rope, the rope will be old and easy to break after wearing it for a long time.

In addition, if it is a kind of bracelet, try not to bump it, jade is more brittle. Sometimes I don't know when I touch it. There is a strong acid-base or chemical substances are likely to corrode the jade, to avoid contact with those.

Taboo of wearing jade bracelet:

Taboo 1: going in and out of dirty and evil places

The jade bracelet not only has the function of beautifying life, but also has the color of Oriental religious culture. Jade bracelet as a religious relic, her spiritual can make the wearer turn bad into good, free from harm, wear the gospel. In addition, jadeite bracelets often symbolize unity, harmony, elegance and women's tenderness. This kind of spirituality is the spiritual sustenance of Oriental women and the spirit of traditional culture. It is pure and sacred and can not be profaned and defiled. Jade bracelets are worn by gentlemen. Don't go in and out of dirty and evil places, so as not to pollute the sacred soul of jade bracelets.

Taboo 2: collision and friction

Some jade bracelets have high toughness and some bottom, but the brittleness of any jade bracelet is limited. Any stress caused by collision, falling and hitting hard objects will cause damage risk to the jade bracelet. The small one is that the minerals on the surface of the jade bracelet fall off, and the large one will cause the jade bracelet fracture, especially the jade bracelet with a small amount of cracks, which is very easy to crack or damage. The mineral hardness of the jade bracelet is also limited, any friction will cause the scratch of the jade bracelet, so wear is to minimize collision or friction.

Taboo 3: exposure to the sun and heat

Maintenance principle: the same kind of jade is generally composed of a variety of different minerals, the thermal stability is different, too high temperature leads to different degree of thermal expansion, different minerals fall off each other, the overall structure is loose. Often exposed to the sun or heat, the material of the jade bracelet will also age, the density will weaken, the seed water will become worse, and the meat quality will become rough and dull. Once this happens, it will be impossible to reverse or repair, let alone restore the original appearance through daily maintenance. Therefore, it is not easy to wear jade bracelets for cooking, sauna and working in the hot sun. If you encounter this kind of hot and cold situation, you should strengthen the maintenance of the jade bracelet.

How to clean jade bracelets correctly?

The maintenance of jade bracelet is a symbol of elegance and holiness. If it is exposed to oil for a long time, the oil will stick on the maintenance surface of jade bracelet and affect its gorgeous appearance. When it is serious, the oil stain will enter the inside along the crack of jade bracelet, which is very unsightly. Therefore, when wearing jade bracelets, we should pay attention to keep them clean. It is usually cleaned once every half a month or so.

In a word, the maintenance of jade bracelet needs your careful care, often wipe with soft cloth, generally need to be packed separately, according to the maintenance method of jade bracelet will make your jade bracelet more and more beautiful, more and more transparent.

After carving, jade bracelets are usually waxed to enhance their beauty. Therefore, the maintenance of jade bracelets should not be in contact with acid, alkali and organic solvents. Even the maintenance of jade bracelets without waxing should avoid long-term contact with acid and alkali because they are multi mineral aggregates. These chemicals will corrode the surface of jade bracelet.