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How to remove oil stains quickly? Some tips to effectively remove oil stains

There are always times in our life when we are not careful, especially when we eat, it is easy to drop oil and other things on our clothes. If the newly bought clothes are stained with oil stains, it really hurts. The clothes usually stained with oil stains are also very ugly, which really affects the beauty. So is there any way to quickly remove oil stains from clothes? Everything is based on convenience, how to come. Generally, there are several ways to remove oil stains. Here is a brief introduction.

First of all, let's introduce the first tips to remove oil stains. We can use the common things in our life to remove the oil stains on our clothes. Toothpaste is a good choice. Toothpaste has a very strong cleaning function. When we have oil stains on our clothes, we can consider squeezing a little toothpaste out of the oil stains, putting it on the surrounding area, and gently wiping it. After the toothpaste is applied, it can be cleaned with water, so the oil stains can be easily removed.

Next is the second trick. We can use alcohol or salt to remove oil stains. You can't imagine that alcohol and salt can also remove oil stains. When we clean the oil stains, we can try to wipe some alcohol or pour a little salt solution to remove the oil stains easily. Or we can also consider using warm salt water to soak the oil stains first, and then choose to use soap to clean them, which can be cleaned quickly.

Of course, in addition to these tips, Xiaobian also share another tip, that is, you can use ammonia solution and other chemicals to clean oil stains. We can also use alkali powder to effectively and quickly remove oil stains, but before use, we need to soak in hot water, then use alkali powder, and finally use water to wash. Here are all the tips. Do you know if you have learned them?