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How does darling eat hand to return a responsibility? How to prevent the baby from eating

Many parents will find that when their babies are a few months old, they especially like to eat their hands. Many parents express doubts and worries about this. What is the reason for their babies to eat their hands? Should they stop them? How can they stop them?

Experts say that the baby's oral period is within one year old, which is the first basic stage of personality development. They have a strong need for a sense of security, especially at bedtime. For a newborn baby, it's normal to suck your fingers. This kind of behavior can bring comfort to the baby, and the baby already has the reflex and demand of sucking, and the satisfaction of sucking fingers is different from that of breast-feeding, so even if you are full, the baby will suck fingers.

How does darling eat hand to return a responsibility

1. The signal of intelligence development

As the baby grows up, the finger function begins to differentiate, and the hand eye coordination function also appears in the early stage. 2-3 months, the baby began to appear hand movements. When the baby can really put his hand in the mouth, it shows that the baby's motor muscle group and muscle control ability have been coordinated with each other. It's a sign of your baby's intellectual development.

2. Need satisfaction

Baby 2-3 months, is in the sensitive period of buckle, at this time the baby like to sleep with her mother's nipple or small hands. There will be a sense of security when something is put in the mouth, and once the needs of sucking and licking are not met, it will make them uneasy and produce bad emotions of irritability and depression, so it is easy to have the habit of eating hands.

3. The need for happiness

Famous psychologists Freud and Eriksson believe that the baby's hand eating activity contains the natural reflection of human sexual pleasure needs. The human sexual pleasure here is just a kind of emotion similar to that of adults. Eating hands can eliminate the baby's restlessness, irritability and tension, and has a calming effect.

It's a normal phenomenon for babies to eat their hands. Should we stop it? In fact, the big reason for stopping babies is that bacteria will be produced after the baby's hand contact is relieved, and eating hands will make bacteria enter the body, which is harmful to the baby's health. So how to stop the baby eating?

How to prevent the baby from eating

1. Smear bitter things

Under the instruction of the doctor, smear some bitter food on the baby's hand, so that the baby's hand has a bitter taste, and the baby's mouth is bitter when eating the hand, and gradually he doesn't want to eat the hand.

2. Create a good environment

Once found that the baby eat fingers, we should pay more attention to the physical and mental development of the baby, and strive to create an environment for him to grow up and play.

3. Divert attention

You can use ways to divert your attention, such as playing with your baby's toys, drawing, etc., which are all good ways for your baby to stop eating.