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What's the box office forecast of Fulian 4 in prehistory of Chinese film

Is it true that Fulian 4 is in the top 3 of Chinese box office? How much will the final box office of Fulian 4 be? According to the box office platform of cat's eye professional edition, as of 14:33 on May 3, the box office of Avengers 4: the final battle has exceeded 3.6 billion, and it has become the box office champion in one day for 10 consecutive days.

It is worth mentioning that the box office of "Fu Lian 4" has surpassed the box office of "Red Sea Action" by 3.65 billion yuan, making it one more place in the box office ranking of China's film history, and now it ranks third, only next to "war wolf 2" and "wandering earth".

Recently, foreign media reported that Marvel held a special screening of "Avengers 4: the final battle" for members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which seems to be an early sign of the impact on next year's Oscars. Just recently, at the 91st Academy Awards ceremony, Panther won three awards: best art direction, costume design and original score. It was Marvel's first time to win an Academy Award. It also won the best picture award with a good reputation, creating a superhero film history. So this time, in addition to the technology award, marvel may also conduct PR for the best picture and actor nominations.