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Male beauty bloggers are more popular

Japanese media said that cosmetics have long been made for women, and now young Japanese men are gradually starting to buy cosmetics. And there are many male live anchors on the tiktok. Are male bloggers like Li Jiaqi more popular?

According to the website of Japan economic news on April 25, in order to pursue easy-to-use make-up methods, men are also chasing men's make-up online celebrities on social networking sites. French Chanel and other high-end brands also entered the men's cosmetics market. Department stores began to expand special stores, men's cosmetics has become a market that can not be ignored.

'anyone who wants make-up can do it'

'for me, make-up is about looking good. 'the 26 year old YouTube anchor said he now has 300000 fans.

According to the report, Yaosi first posted a video on YouTube two years ago about the makeup methods that can be used in daily life. Yaosi has become one of the online celebrities in the beauty industry. Many of the audience are women, but it is said that in recent years, the number of male fans has increased to 50000, accounting for about 20% of the total. There are also comments in Korean, Spanish and other foreign languages.

Although the opportunity of make-up is work, but now it is a hobby. Yaosi said: 'make up is for self-confidence. Don't think about what people around you think. 'he also said:' it's not good to say that you should not make up because you are a man, and that you must make up because you are a woman. Anyone who wants make-up can do it. '

There are many men who resonate with Yanhu Yaosi. One person affected by his video is 20-year-old college student nishita, who has 3000 followers on instagram. Nishita is interested in making up because of her work as a model. He said, "I can't stand plain face now.".

Nishita buys cosmetics at drugstores, grocery stores and online. Unlike department stores and specialty stores, there are no clerks in these places to receive customers. "I didn't have the courage to go to the department store," nishita said. '

In college, nishita is sometimes joked by his classmates, "do you want to be a girl?" recently, even men take it for granted to buy skin care products, but "I feel that there is still a sense of violation in makeup.". Nishita's ideal is to try it out at the counter and buy it at will.

Controversial male cosmetic market

Cosmetics for men, which focus on skin care products, are gradually penetrating the market. According to the statistics of Fuji economy, the market size of Japanese men's cosmetics (facial care) is expected to be 23.1 billion yen in 2018. In the last decade, it has increased gradually.

If we consider that there are not a few men who buy goods for women, the potential market is considered to be even larger.

According to the report, Shiseido and other large Japanese cosmetics companies will hold seminars for business people centered on skin care products to speed up their efforts to win over new users.

Among young people in Japan, the number of men who take care of their skin, repair their eyebrows and beautify themselves in daily life is on the increase when they are in office or in important work.

In addition, in recent years, well-known brands have begun to set foot in men's cosmetics, and the market is rapidly active. French Chanel launched male cosmetics in 2018, and high-end brands also entered this market. In the department store industry, the men's Hall of Sakai department store, the men's Hall of Tokyo and the Shinjuku head office of Isetan, which will be renovated on a large scale in March 2019, will jointly expand the men's cosmetics stores, enrich the types of cosmetics, and set up a service desk for consulting skin problems.

Of course, there are also people who treat the male cosmetic market coldly. A relevant person in the circulation industry said, "due to the decrease of population, the female cosmetics market will reach the top in the future, and it is wishful thinking for enterprises that hope to recover with male cosmetics.". In addition, with the further promotion of male cosmetics, it is possible to lose the male customers who used to like female cosmetics.

According to the report, there is no gender difference in the need to improve one's image. How to avoid imposing values on others and deal with potential needs at the same time may become the key.