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How to take a screenshot? All kinds of screenshots you can choose

When we use mobile phones to browse some information, sometimes in order to facilitate the next time to watch it, we usually consider screenshots. It's very convenient to watch after the screenshot, and it's super simple to use a mobile phone screenshot. But when it comes to computer screenshots, you may not be so familiar with them. Many friends can't even use computer screenshots. In fact, the methods of computer screenshots are really various. Let's take a look at them together.

Generally, there is only one fixed screenshot mode for mobile phones, which is very single. But compared with the single screenshot of mobile phone, the way of computer screenshot is various. You can choose from a variety of screenshots. There are usually the following screenshots: chat tool screenshots, browser screenshots, input method screenshots and the screenshot key of the computer itself. Let's introduce one by one.

First of all, let's talk about how to use the screenshot key carried by the computer itself to take screenshots. We all know that computers have many keyboards, each of which has its own use. So which key is the screenshot key? Let's find out first. If you find the prtscr key on the keyboard, then this key is the screenshot key. We can click this key to take a screenshot. After the screenshot, a new word document will appear. We can paste the screenshot into it.

Let's talk about how to use the browser screenshot. Generally, there is a window on the top right of the browser. We can click the screenshot button of the browser window to drag the screenshot directly, or we can press the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + D to screenshot directly. Finish with the browser screenshot, next is the most commonly used QQ screenshot. After we log in to the button interface, click to open a chat window, press the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + A in the chat window to take a quick screenshot, and we can also crop it.

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, do you think the screenshots of the computer are really various. Do you think computer screenshots are great? In addition, there are many methods of computer screenshots besides those introduced by Xiaobian. We can also download special screenshot software. Of course, there are other things waiting for us to develop. Let's try!