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G521 stewardess reconciles with women refusing to check tickets

On May 3, netizens revealed that a female passenger on the g521 high-speed railway refused to check her ticket and cried bitterly. According to the video exposure, the child who was dissuading at that time was a female passenger. He deleted the video at the request of the conductor, but he is still actively paying attention to the processing results. At present, some media said that the two sides have reconciled.

Again and again, the big things turn into the small ones, the small ones turn into the small ones, the calming down of the trouble and the handling of the unfinished business connive at the unbridled behavior of some people. All evils are habitual. In order to create a civilized and harmonious social atmosphere, it is necessary to crack down on the unhealthy tendencies of breaking the law and disturbing the social order.