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Will eating sweet food aggravate acne? What effect does eat much sweet food have to the skin

Sweets should be a kind of food that many people like to eat, especially for girls, whether they are in a good mood or not, they will want to eat sweets to comfort themselves. But some people say that eating too much sweets is easy to get acne. Is that true? What are the effects of eating too much sweets on our skin?

Does sweet food eat much can aggravate long blain

If you eat too much sweets, it's really easy to get acne. It's the hormone level of sweets that leads to acne. For example, milk tea, ice cream, cake, etc., you still need to eat less during the period of acne. Milk will aggravate the occurrence of acne. You often eat fruits, vegetables and fish, don't drink milk, and eat less sugar, salt and margarine. For acne muscle, the most important thing is to eat less high sugar food Substance and milk, whether whole milk or skimmed milk, will aggravate acne, because some inflammatory factors in milk, such as lgf-1, 5 alpha reductase, leucine, etc., are difficult to be inactivated in the production process. In addition, casein protection in milk, these substances often escape the digestive system decomposition and directly enter the body.

At the same time, it can also promote insulin secretion, but yogurt can rarely lead to acne. The reason may be the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria. High sugar load food will cause the increase of insulin content in the blood, which will cause excessive keratinization of the epidermis and increased sebum secretion, leading to acne. In addition, the higher the salt intake, the earlier the acne problem will appear.

Many people like to drink milk for breakfast, and milk is high pox, milk can be replaced by low sugar yogurt. As for staple food, adding brown rice and quinoa to rice can effectively reduce the sugar index after eating. Increase the sense of fullness, eat more vegetables and fruits, occasionally eat sweets and will not immediately acne. On the contrary, overeating will make people feel depressed.

Generally speaking, eating spicy food will cause acne on the face, but eating sweet food will also lead to acne on the face. In fact, whether it is spicy food or sweet food, the impact on the body is also different. Spicy food can cause intestinal stimulation, leading to vigorous body fire. However, sweet food is mainly through hormone levels to cause acne.

How does sweet food eat much skin to meet

Eating too much sweets will make the skin gradually saccharification, accelerate skin aging, leading to facial edema and so on.

1. Sugar is an essential core nutrient for the human body. However, with the increase of age, the metabolism is too slow and the production of sugar molecules is too much, which turns into free sugar wandering in the blood and adhering to collagen, causing skin and body aging and confusion.

2. Because collagen can fight against the aging of the skin, make the skin very smooth and elastic. However, glycosylation can make collagen fiber break and turn yellow, which leads to yellowing and relaxation of skin color. And saccharification will make the secretion of androgen excessive, leading to large amount of oil secretion, pores will be coarse, acne generation, skin will become rough and not smooth.

3. American nutritionist milanni & middot; flor said that excessive sweet food will inevitably lead to high blood sugar, and high blood sugar will change the cutin structure and elasticity of the skin, leading to facial wrinkles and premature aging. Protein rich snacks are the best choice. Nuts and plant seeds contain healthy oils that are good for your skin.

4. Accelerate skin aging, although there are many reasons for human aging, but the less prominent 'saccharification' phenomenon also needs attention. Excess sugar can adhere to the collagen in the skin, which can destroy the elasticity of the skin. After further development, collagen can be broken, making the skin more relaxed and prone to wrinkles.

5. Cause facial edema, many times if you drink a lot of water before going to bed at night, the next morning will appear facial edema. If you eat too much sugar, you may also have swollen face. Because the water in the human body is locked by protein, carbohydrate and other substances in the body. Too much sugar, too much water.

6. Increase facial wrinkles, too much sugar intake will make sugar molecules stick to protein, forming a lack of elasticity, easy to tear material. That is, collagen is glycosylated. The damage is irreversible, and wrinkles are more likely to form when the skin relaxes. And the sun's stimulation to the skin will be stronger, so that the melanin in the skin will accelerate the generation, and the skin will gradually become dark yellow and rough.

7. Leading to acne, people's first impression is that eating spicy is easy to acne, in fact, eating sugar is also easy to acne. Too much sugar intake will accelerate the secretion of insulin and sebum in the body, so the skin is more prone to oil and pimples. If you don't eat spicy food but still have acne, you can also consider whether excessive sugar intake can reduce sugar intake.