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Where is the red tiktok grabbed? Tiktok grab red packet view method

Tiktok is a short video recording software that many partners are using now. Now the software has launched the red envelopes of stars. Many partners have received red packets, and do not know where to look at them. So where do they get the tiktok red packets? Tiktok grab red packets to see how to see the way to see.

Tiktok grab red packets view method:

1, in the jitter software tiktok received Star Live red packets, after successful, you can inquire in the wallet;

2. Then you can click personal center, click 'OOo' in the upper right corner, and click the wallet in the page;

3. Yes, that's right. Here you can see your own red envelope, which is combined with your own income and can be withdrawn.

The above is where the red packet tiktok is collected for the collection of the quiver. Tiktok grab the red packets to see the relevant content, want to know more, come to Xi Xi look!