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Sperm quality is very important to eat what can complement sperm?

Sperm is very important for men. Generally speaking, the vitality of male sperm will decrease with the increase of age. The age of 20-40 is the most dynamic time for male sperm, which is what we call "golden age of fertility". Once past this age, the sperm viability of men will decline every year, and the quality of sperm will also decline. So, how can we help replenish the sperm in men? Below, the small edition brings some simple methods of food supplement, to keep the quantity and quality of sperm.

The first kind of egg food. This kind of food is rich in protein, fat and vitamins, especially zinc. Zinc is an important component of sperm cells. The so-called "what to eat and what to make up" principle is that eating more zinc containing food can improve the quality of sperm.

The second kind is nuts. This kind of food can promote the secretion of male sex hormone and help the male to tonify the kidney. Among them, the most common are jujube and walnut, which can play a good nourishing role.

The third kind of food is leek. Leek, also known as "Yangcao", can nourish the liver and kidney, and play a role in strengthening yang and strengthening essence. It should be noted that leek seed is also regarded as an irritant, which has a good effect on Invigorating the Yang and tonifying the kidney. It can not only help to improve the quantity and quality of sperm, but also treat the symptoms of spermatorrhea and polyuria. It can be said that it is a good product for men's health care.

The fourth is protein, zinc and selenium. The formation of semen is inseparable from high-quality protein. Therefore, to supplement sperm, we need to be able to eat high protein foods, such as chicken, duck, fish, eggs, shrimp and bean products. In addition, zinc and selenium are necessary elements for sperm formation. Once lacking, it is likely to cause oligospermia. Therefore, oligospermia men can supplement some foods containing zinc and selenium at ordinary times, such as eel, black fish, ginseng, tendons, bean products, lean meat, etc., which are very good choices for sperm supplement.