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What advantage does plaster bubble water drink to have? What effect does gypsum of licorice Anemarrh

I believe you will not be unfamiliar with gypsum. The main chemical component of gypsum is calcium carbonate, which is an alkaline compound. Gypsum has a wide range of uses in industry and life. For example, in many areas of the south, people will use gypsum to make tofu. What's the benefit of soaking gypsum in water? What effect does gypsum of licorice Anemarrhena mother boil water to drink to have?

What advantage does plaster bubble water drink to have?

Clearing away heat and fire, clearing away lung and stomach heat, evacuating wind heat, relieving vexation and thirst.

1. Clearing away heat and purging fire (excess heat syndrome of Qi division of warm heat disease) is used to treat excess heat syndrome of heat entering Qi division of warm heat disease. The symptoms include high fever, sweating, upset, thirsty, strong pulse, etc. it is often used with Anemarrhena asphodeloides, such as Baihu decoction; if the heat toxin is blocked up, the high fever and spots caused by the burning of both qi and blood are combined with Coptis chinensis, Rehmannia glutinosa, etc. to clear both qi and blood, such as Qingwen Baidu decoction. This product is very cold and has strong diarrhea power. It is an important medicine for the treatment of fever and high fever.

2. Clearing lung and stomach heat (lung heat, asthmatic cough, stomach heat, toothache) is used to treat dyspnea, asthmatic cough, expectoration and thick yellow of lung heat, with ephedra and almond, such as ephedra, almond and licorice plaster soup; if the stomach fire is inflamed, gingival swelling and pain, or gingival bleeding, or aphthous ulcer, headache, etc., with Anemarrhena asphodeloides, Achyranthes bidentata, etc., such as yunu decoction.

3. To disperse wind heat (headache caused by wind heat and stomach fire attack), it is often combined with Chuanxiong and Baizhi; to treat headache and toothache caused by stomach fire attack, it is often combined with Coptis chinensis, rhubarb and cortex moutan; if kidney Yin is insufficient, stomach fire attack, gingival swelling or bleeding, it can be combined with Rehmannia glutinosa, Anemarrhena asphodeloides and Achyranthes bidentata.

4. In addition to relieving thirst (febrile disease, febrile thirst) febrile disease and thirst, although drinking water can not stop, this product can relieve thirst after using, and it can also be used for relieving thirst due to stomach heat. It is often used in combination with Anemarrhena asphodeloides, Trichosanthin and black plum.

In traditional Chinese medicine, gypsum is the product of great cold and has the effect of clearing away heat. It is suggested that if you want to use traditional Chinese medicine, you'd better first find a professional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to treat the symptoms, tongue and pulse comprehensively, and don't use drugs arbitrarily. And the cold products hurt the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach deficiency cold to adjust is not easy.