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What are the most popular songs in TV series? Songs of the most popular costume TV series

I think many people usually prefer to watch ancient costume dramas. I've been watching the new Fengshen romance recently. I sit and wait for the update every day. Many ancient costume dramas have some good songs, which sound unique. Now what are the most popular songs in TV series? The most popular ancient TV drama song list to learn about. Ten classic theme songs of costume TV series:

Never change in this life

This life does not change is a song sung by Bluebird and flying fish, composed by Wen Zhen and composed by Yang Xuanyu. The song serves as three episodes of the legend of swordsman. "Legend of swordsman 3" is an ancient costume fantasy TV series of the same name adapted from the domestic stand-alone game "Legend of swordsman 3", starring Hu Ge, Huo Jianhua, Yang Mi, Tang Yan and Liu Shishi. The play tells the story of Ji Jingtian, a young man in Yong'an Dang of Yuzhou City, and Xuejian, a young lady of Tangmen. They are attracted by each other's jade ornaments. They get to know each other 'happily and awkwardly' and become a pair of happy enemies.

Unspeakable (song)

"Can't say" is composed by Mai Zhenhong, composed by Qian Lijing, fresh Guoguo, Rao Jun, composed by Mai Zhenhong and Wu Qinghua, and sung by Huo Jianhua and Zhao Liying. The lyrics of Zen, accompanied by their emotional singing, outline this beautiful and desperate fate. The song is the last song of the 2015 TV series "a thousand bones of flowers", which was released on May 25, 2015, causing a heated discussion among the audience.

Love your cloud (song)

"True love your cloud" is a song sung by Huang Guojun. It is the episode of the TV series version of "wind and cloud dominating the world" and "wind and cloud will win". It is also the epilogue of "wind and cloud will win". "The storm dominates the world" is a martial arts TV series produced by Jinyingma film and television company, Haotian film and television company and Yihe company. It is directed by Xu Jinliang and starred by Zhao Wenzhuo, He Rundong, Jiang Qinqin, Chiba Zhenyi and Tao Hong. The play tells the story of Bu Jingyun and Nie Feng who, for the sake of their parents' enmity and the peace of the Wulin, have a series of love and hatred and sacrifice their lives for justice with the majestic, absolute godless, nameless and others.

Iron heart (song)

Iron heart is a song sung by Luo Wen and Jennie in 1983. It is included in the TV series biography of the arched hero and the theme song of the TV series biography of the arched hero. The singers Luo Wen and Jennie, in the 1980s, were Hua Zhenghong and Xiang Zhengnong, and their voice lines were full of vigor and strength in their prime years.

Cool (song)

Cool is a song sung by Zhang Bichen and Yang Zongwei, composed by Liu Chang and composed by Tan Xuan. It is included in the original soundtrack of Sansheng Sanshi Shili Taohua TV series released on February 18, 2017. The lyrics are tailored by Liu Chang for the ancient Fantasy Fairy drama Sansheng Sanshi Shili Taohua, composed by music producer Tan Xuan. It is a work of two people in one go, and Zhang Bichen is invited Sing with Yang Zongwei. Before his creation, Liu Chang read the original novel "three lives, three lives, ten li peach blossom" several times. Because there are too many chilling disasters in the whole play, but there is also a warm ending, so Liu Chang wrote this poem to convey the warm feeling in the cold to the audience. On June 29, 2017, the song won the top 20 Golden Melody Awards in the first half of the 2017 global pop music golden list.

The Yangtze River flowing east (song)

"Rolling the Yangtze River eastward" is a lyric, which comes from the song "linjiangxian & middot; rolling the Yangtze River eastward" released on June 28, 1995. It is also the theme song of the TV series romance of the Three Kingdoms. It is also from the opening line of the third paragraph of "talking about Qin and Han Dynasties" in "twenty one history Tanci" written by Yang Shen, a Ming Dynasty writer.

Ten thousand years at a glance (song)

"A glimpse of ten thousand years" is an adagio lyric song sung by the Chinese women's group S.H.E. it was composed by Yao ruolong and composed by Lin Junjie. It was included in "forever new songs + selected songs" released by S.H.E on July 20, 2006. At the same time, this song is also the theme song of the ancient costume idol drama "tianwaifeixian", and included in "tianwaifeixian TV Soundtrack". "Flying immortals outside the sky" is a TV play directed by Liu Yang in 2005, starring Hu Ge and Lin Yichen. The play is adapted from the folk legend "Tian Xian Pei", which describes the story between mortal Dong Yong and seven fairies.

Hard to read Sutra (song)

"Hard to read classic" is a theme song tailored for the 97 edition of Hong Kong TVB "Tianlong Babu". Zhou Huajian's majestic composition and singing, together with Lin Xi's beautiful lyrics, show the theme of this TV play incisively and vividly. Tianlong Babu is an ancient martial arts love drama adapted from Jin Yong's novel of the same name. It is directed by Li Tiansheng and starred by Huang Rihua, Chen Haomin, fan shaohuang, Li ruotong, Liu Jinling and Liu Yucui. The play is about Xiao Feng, Xu Zhu and Duan Yu's extraordinary life in the troubled times.

New dream of mandarin duck and butterfly (song)

"A dream of New mandarin ducks and butterflies" is a song sung by Huang an, composed by Huang an and arranged by Zhan Hongda. Included in Huang an's album "a dream of New mandarin ducks and butterflies" of the same name released in February 1993, this song is Huang an's representative work, and also the theme song of TV play "Bao Qingtian" starring Jin Chaoqun and he Jiajin in 1993. Bao Qingtian is a long costume detective TV play produced by Taiwan Zhonghua TV company in 1993, directed by Liang Kaicheng and sun Shupei, and directed by Jin Chaoqun and he Jiajin Jin, fan Hongxuan, Zhang Qian, etc.

Hero song

"Hero song" is a song sung by singer Liu Huan, composed by Zhao Jiping and composed by Yi Ming. It is composed of folk songs which are widely spread in Shandong, Henan, Hebei and other places. The theme song of the TV series "outlaws of the marsh" is composed by the famous musician Zhao Jiping, and the song has achieved great success. Before the creation of "hero's song", Zhao Jiping had a wide appreciation of folk music and art, extensively absorbed the power of folk art from the society of the 1990s, and on this basis, he made a new artistic play and creation, and created this cross century music.

Borrow from heaven for another 500 years (song)

Borrowing from heaven for another 500 years is a song composed by fan Xiaobin, Zhang Hongguang and Han Lei. The song is included in Han Lei's album "the voice of the emperor" released on December 28, 2004, which is the theme song of the TV series "Kangxi Dynasty". In December 2008, the song won the 30-year TV drama song grand ceremony "China's 30-year reform and opening up excellent TV drama song".

The support of love (song)

"The support of love" is a song sung by Yang Mi and composed by Tan Xuan. It is the theme song of the costume TV series "palace lock jade". After the rearrangement, it was included in Yang Mi's first album close to me, which was released on January 4, 2012. On August 21, 2012, Yang Mi won the most popular female singer of the year at the 11th cctv-mtv Music Festival.