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When is 5g expected to be popularized? Can 5g network be popularized in 2019

When is 5g expected to be popularized? Can 5g network be popularized in 2019? Don't worry, 5g network will be used soon! It is reported that China will pilot 5g network in 2018, and I believe it will be popularized nationwide soon. Perhaps, many countries have not yet begun to deploy 5g networks, but China is not willing to lag behind and deploy 5g networks early. We believe that 5g networks will be available soon.

When will 5g network come into the market? Wang Zhiqin, vice president of China information and Communication Research Institute, told the economic information daily that many countries and regions attach great importance to 5g business at present. The United States, the European Union, South Korea, Japan and China all plan to launch 5g network business deployment in the second half of 2019, and officially launch 5g network business in 2020. With the release of 5g international standards, the global 5g industry competition will become increasingly fierce.

According to the Ministry of industry and information technology and the three major operators, China's 5g business is advancing in an orderly manner, and the technology research and development test has officially entered the third stage. It is expected that the main links of 5g industry chain will basically reach the pre commercial level by the end of 2018, and the 5g network construction will be started in 2019, and the 5g network will be officially commercial in 2020.

So to put it this way:

The three major operators only said that they would start to implement 5g communication equipment in 2019, and they did not have an accurate date. Maybe they will start to produce a small amount of 5g equipment by the end of 2019?

But basically, the equipment supporting 5g network will appear in 2019, and the dust has settled.

So the question is: if you change a new mobile phone this year, does it support 5g?

Most people's psychology is to wait until the popularity of 5g network, and then to replace the mobile phone. In my opinion, a mobile phone can be used for 2 years. The mobile phone is updated every two years, and its performance may have a qualitative leap forward.

Of course, some of them are not bad for money. They change new machines every year and use new ones every year~

But in recent years, Apple's performance has been very disappointing. By that time, domestic products will be developing by leaps and bounds.

Compared with 5g network is coming, but this does not mean the demise of 4G network. It's just like we have experienced the gradual transition from 2G era to 4G era.

A lot of people will think of changing to 4G network later. Another point: similar to some remote mountainous areas, there may not be universal 4G network. Sometimes, we just come out of the elevator, and sometimes the mobile network is not smooth. At this time, the network will automatically switch to 3G or even 2G network. But at this time, you will find that 3G network can still be connected, and can still be used, although the speed may be slower.

So whether you want to change your mobile phone now or not, you'd better wait until the 5g era comes. After all, even if the 5g era comes, your 4G network phone will not be paralyzed. Moreover, the arrival of 5g era may take a year, but the function of new mobile phone is so exciting.