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What are the four famous wines in Henan? How many of the four famous wines in Henan do you know

Henan is a very special area. Many people ask about the four famous wines in Henan? How many of the four famous wines in Henan do you know? The status and social influence of the general famous wine can stand the test of time. Let's introduce the origin of the four famous wine names in Henan.

Dukang liquor: it is more than 2500 years old. Dukang is the ancestor of Chinese wine making. Dukang is the only way to solve the problem. Many ancient poems can show the record of Dukang wine. Dukang wine has a clear and transparent wine body, and the mellow and sweet wine makes people have endless aftertaste. A small amount of Dukang wine can help to produce body fluid, activate blood circulation, strengthen spleen and stomach.

Baofeng liquor: the color of Baofeng liquor is transparent, and its fragrance and refreshing quality have attracted many consumers. Moreover, I feel that Baofeng's outer packaging is also quite characteristic.

Songhe grain and liquid: Songhe grain and liquid is made from high-quality sorghum, and the fermentation agent is the synthesis of wheat, barley and pea. After many processes and combined with today's brewing technology * * carefully brewed.

Zhang Gong wine: Although Zhang Gong liquor has not been sold as high as in the past few years, Zhang Baijiu, which has brought us the enjoyment of liquor and the body's help, has been very popular with people in the past.

The four famous liquor in Henan also has a great influence on China's Baijiu, especially Du Kang liquor. China's Baijiu and Chinese Baijiu can be better and better, I believe.