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How much does it cost to settle a used car? How to deal with used car registration

Second hand car is still relatively hot in the whole car market, and the second-hand car market is complicated. After a lot of hard work, I finally chose my own car. How much does it cost to settle a used car? How to deal with second-hand car registration? Let's have a look.

Generally around 300 yuan.

When buying a second-hand car, consumers need to know their own cost in advance to see how much they need to spend and what fees they need to pay. Generally, the fees to be paid for buying a second-hand car are mainly the car payment and the fees for transferring ownership and registration of second-hand cars. Usually, when consumers choose second-hand cars, they will lower the standard according to their existing funds, so that the remaining funds in addition to the car money are enough to pay for the transfer and registration fees of second-hand cars.

It is necessary to pay the transfer fee for buying a second-hand car. In order to save money, some car owners often ignore or deliberately ignore the transfer procedures when buying a second-hand car, so as to avoid paying this fee. If the owner does not handle the second-hand car transfer procedures, although it can be exempted from this part of the procedures, it also brings trouble to their daily use of the car. Once the vehicle accident needs to be settled, because the owner does not handle the transfer procedures, he often needs to contact the original owner.