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May Day holiday, a sea of people in national scenic spots! It is said that it has also been included

It's also the annual May Day holiday. This year's May Day holiday is full of people all over the country. Now the income of Chinese people is more and more, and travel has become a fashionable way of leisure. China has a vast territory and a long history of culture, and there are many scenic spots. Of course, there are many tourists, and the income of scenic spots is more. However, some domestic scenic spots have taken advantage of the fire and become big He is said to have been on the black list of tourists.

For example, the former snow village is an example. Because the fees of snow village scenic area are too high and people are slaughtered everywhere, the reputation is getting worse and worse, so that many tourists are deterred. Today, I want to introduce this scenic spot to you, which has also stepped up the precedent of Xuexiang. This scenic spot is Qianhu Miao village.

Because there are many and high fees for scenic spots, it will lead to gradual decline. Even some scenic spots will be directly pulled into the blacklist of tourists because they are too dark, and the thousand Miao Village mentioned above is one of them. It is said that this scenic spot was once visited by a lot of tourists. It can be said that there were a lot of people, but now many tourists dare not come here. The main reason is that the fees here are too expensive, not to mention accommodation, but ordinary people can't afford to eat.

Maybe many people have been here. The scenery here is really beautiful. Of course, it is well-known. The scenic spot is composed of several characteristic villages. The villages are connected with each other, all of which are located on the mountain, forming a very unique scenic line.

Of course, in the hearts of many tourists, the Miao nationality is very mysterious. In addition, there is a strong Miao culture here, so it has attracted countless tourists. However, with the increase of tourists, people here seem to see business opportunities and start to make money. Not only is the scenic area commercialized seriously, but the price is also getting higher and higher. The ticket price alone has reached 120 yuan. To say, the Forbidden City is only a few tens of yuan.

In addition to tickets, the accommodation here is several hundred a night, and the conditions are not good, and the price of meals, not to mention, many meals are not only doubled, but also taste bad. With so many problems, no wonder the reputation here will decline. I don't know if you have ever been here. Do you agree with the charging standard here?