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What is the most expensive mobile phone number in the world? Mysterious local tyrant bought it for 2

As we all know, in addition to license plate numbers, Chinese people also have a high demand for mobile phone numbers. In recent years, behind a lot of 'sky high price mobile phone numbers', what reflects is the special consumption psychology of Chinese people for' beautiful numbers'. So what's the most expensive cell phone number in the world? The mysterious local tyrant bought it for $28 million.

What do you think of this phenomenon? Will you spend money to buy yourself a good size?

When many people go to the business hall to buy a card, they will choose a 'beautiful number' for themselves. For example, the numbers with more consecutive numbers, 6 and 8 are all in demand. But do you know how much the most expensive phone number is worth? Many people are bidding for China's number one. Behind this is the strong demand of consumers for beautiful mobile phone numbers.

Recently, an article entitled "18888888888, the number sold 120 million" said that "the mobile phone number 18888888888 belonging to Beijing Mobile will be auctioned at the price of 120 million". To this end, the reporter contacted Beijing Mobile for verification, and the mobile side replied that the 18888888888 number has not been put into use at present, and there has never been any auction; although this rumor has been proved to be false, under the cultural influence of 'tujili' in China's real society, the price of mobile phone number and license plate 'auspicious' number has skyrocketed.

Although the high price of 120 million 18888888888 was proved to be false, the mysterious local tyrant bought the world's largest mobile phone number 189 (99999999) for 28 million has been confirmed by the parties. In other words, in the current market, this number should be the most expensive mobile phone number in the world.

Xiaobian learned that the most expensive and largest mobile phone number in the world is 18999999999, with a transaction volume of 28 million!! this number is already the largest number in all number segments, and this mysterious local tyrant has been known for a long time. He is brother 9 (Zhou Zhibo), the first person in China's digital assets, and the actual controller of digital network. As early as in 2009, there was CCTV special focus news report It is revealed that the virtual digital assets held by brother 9 include the scarce top-level domain name with a value of more than 100 million, and the top-level scarce digital beauties have the highest auction and transaction data in succession The digital assets of level 9 are almost all among brother 9 and some of his close friends. This time in the United States, I didn't realize that brother 9 has invested and collected bitcoin with the most investment and collection value, which is worth billions. Brother 9 has been reluctant to disclose the specific amount, because there are too many news about him in the media, so it's understandable that he didn't show up. It is reported that brother 9 can mobilize more than 10 billion of cash flow overseas, and the local tyrants around him are almost all asset giants who do not appear on the top fortune list overseas. At the same time, brother 9 is also the earliest and most successful group of guides in helping Chinese investors and enterprises to invest in overseas markets. In the enterprise information query, we learned that 9ge is also the actual controller of 100% holding of IOT group, and owns thousands of intelligent IOT products of IOT brand and IOT brand. The founder and controller of the well known group has high-end resources of the home and abroad official account circle alliance, WeChat public number circle traffic alliance and micro-blog fans flow alliance.

Brother 9 (Zhou Zhibo), born in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province in 1986, is the founder and CEO of the famous group.

Famous angel investors, focusing on Internet project investment, entrepreneurship guidance, resource integration, strategic planning and brand positioning. With rich high-end network resources, responsible for the strategic planning and business development of the group. The industry elite with over 10 years of experience, who has customized how to participate in overseas digital asset investment and how to provide integrated services in foreign token trading market, is committed to providing help for Chinese investors and enterprises to enter the overseas market.

You don't need to remember his real name Zhou Zhibo, but you must remember his name is brother 9. Because '9' is his lucky number, his life is closely related to '9'.

Brother 9 has more than 9.99 million wechat fans and more than 39.99 million QQ fans. His we media is extremely simple.

Brother 9's famous saying: "while commanding the world, those who win fans win the world.". '

At the same time, his license plate number is 99999, and his enterprise number is a string of 9.

On the market, there are four kinds of smart phone numbers: serial number, cross number, birthday number and couple number. The prices of the four kinds of smart phone numbers are different according to the factors of basic operators and virtual operators, number of serial numbers, sales platform and so on.

Of course, many people will ask, why is a mobile phone number worth so much money?

For example, in China, 8 / 9 / 6 and other numbers will be extremely auspicious, representing "Fa", "jiu" and "Shun". In addition to mobile phone number, QQ number, car trademark, room number and industrial and commercial standard have all become a meaning.

There are always many top 9 numbers, all of which are 9 numbers, each of which is not only measured by wealth!

Why 9, with such magic power, can make 9 fall in love with it?

He said that he bought the mobile phone number at a sky high price of $28 million because '9' in his concept represents the long-term inheritance of the family, the long-term happiness of love, the long-term sincerity of friendship and the long-term success of business.

Finally, Xiaobian also wondered if brother 9's most expensive mobile phone number in the world, 9999999, with a sky high price of $28 million, would be included in the Guinness Book of records. Let's see!