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What's the use of catching demon radar? Introduction to the use of demon catching radar

Demon catching radar is a very practical tool in "together to catch demons", which can help us find the demons we want to catch faster. So how should players use demon catching radar? Here is the introduction of how to use demon catching radar.

Introduction of demon catching radar

First of all, you need to search the demon catching radar in the wechat applet.

Open the small program will be the following interface

Click the spirit to search out the spirit within a certain range centered on the center of your screen

Then click the filter on the right

Will enter such a picture, click the button in the lower left corner to pull out the menu, select all hidden, and then search for the spirits you need in the search bar and select them

Then please search fox again and click confirm to select

Click the spirit again and you will only see the spirit you selected. The reason for you to order a little fox is to use the little fox to judge the general scope of this search, and then drag the map to search the next plot until you find the rare spirit you want

Then please remember the general location and enlarge the map to remember the location of the spirit

Then please God line to the corresponding location, compare the game map to find the same terrain

Go to the refresh position, circle around to find some, your spirit will appear in front of you