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Does the king glory experience the number of clothes in May? What are the requirements for may exper

The king's glory experience service has not been open for a long time. The last issue of the experience service was on February 21, but now it is may, and the interval has been long. Will the experience service be opened this month (may)?

Is there an application for experiential service in May 2019?

At present, there is no official answer. Usually, the application for test qualification of experiential service is announced one day or the same day in advance, so the specific application time is unknown. Xiaobian thinks that it should be open in May. Even if the government wants to control the number of experiential service to keep its value, it's almost done. I think it's been a long time since three phases of experiential service applications were opened in one month!

However, experience service is not something you can apply for if you want to apply. You must meet these conditions:

-Role level & gt; = level 20

-Characters have logged into the game at least 4 days in the first week of the application day

-Characters have logged into the game at least 15 days in the first month of the application day

-The role registration time is more than 2 months

-No malicious behavior

Warm reminder: the experience service on the official website is only open for Android version!

In fact, the experience service also has IOS version, which needs to complete the official questionnaire survey, and then the qualified players will receive the official invitation and enter the group to download the game!