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Who is Mao Junhua's personal data

On May 1, it was reported that Mao Junhua, researcher of ant financial services and former star analyst of CICC, died of illness in Hong Kong this morning at the age of 41. Mao Junhua's family has issued an obituary.

Mao Junhua graduated from Tsinghua University in 2002 with a master's degree in economics and a master's degree in Business Administration from the Paris Institute of engineers. He joined CICC in 2003, served as the managing director of China International Finance Co., Ltd., and joined ant financial services in 2016.

Mao Junhua has rich experience in financial research. He has participated in many capital market projects, such as pre IPO Financing, A-share and H-share public offerings, strategic mergers and acquisitions. He is highly recognized among Chinese and overseas investors. He has won many honors, such as the first prize in China's banking and insurance research by institutional investors.

The family of Mao Junhua, assistant president of ant financial services, announced today that Mao Junhua died of illness in Hong Kong this morning at the age of 41. Many of Mao Junhua's friends in the circle of friends remember him and lament that he was envious of talents.

According to people familiar with Mao Junhua, Mao Junhua was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in September 2018, and his condition was found later. Mao Junhua has always maintained a positive attitude towards treatment, once under control, but recently his condition deteriorated sharply.

'the elder martial brother is afraid of causing trouble to everyone when he gets sick. Only a few friends know that he is fighting against the disease. He once looked forward to meeting you unexpectedly with a new look after he recovers from the disease & hellip; & hellip; all of a sudden, we instinctively resist and do not want to accept & hellip; & hellip; only hope that everyone will appreciate Youmao and rest in peace. '

Another friend familiar with Mao Junhua revealed that he had been ill for nearly a year. After a year's long vacation, I can't stay idle every day. I study in a circle of friends. Few people knew that he was ill. There are not many people who know what's wrong.

"Every time it's very mysterious & lsquo; don't tell the people in our company that I'm sick, especially those in Hong Kong, or you'll be in trouble if you come to see me.";. '

A few days ago, Mao Junhua had a minor operation and stayed in bed for most of the day, the person said. 'it suddenly occurred to me that he liked the excitement more than I did, and he couldn't stand the loneliness. It's almost half a year now. How did he get through it. '

'I didn't know until now that this was the last conversation between us. '

In Zhongjin, they are very diligent and gorgeous

Data show that Mao Junhua graduated from Tsinghua University in 2002 with a master's degree in economics and a master's degree in Business Administration from the Paris Institute of engineers.

He joined CICC in 2003, mainly responsible for the research of financial industry in Asia Pacific region. Before joining ant financial services, he was the managing director of Research Department of China International Finance Co., Ltd.

According to a friend of Mao Junhua's, Mao Junhua has always been very diligent. When he was in CICC, he didn't go home in the middle of the night. At 10 p.m., everyone had to leave work. Instead, he came to the company, which made no one in the group dare to leave.

In Hangzhou, there is a small bar where people drink and eat string downstairs. In order to receive friends, they will drag their friends to play until more than 2 a.m. as usual.

A former colleague of Mao Junhua disclosed, "I just joined CICC in those years. Every time I left the company in the middle of the night, you were there. It made me feel that even star analyst is working so hard. Why don't we work hard. '

The above-mentioned person said, "later, as a special classic case of sellside, you turned around and joined the best Internet finance company in China, which also proved your talent. That's true. God is jealous of talents. '

A number of ant financial executives mourn Mao Junhua

After Mao Junhua's death, many senior executives of ant financial expressed their mourning. Among them, Chen Liang, vice president of ant financial services, said through his circle of friends that "after fighting with cancer for so long, I didn't expect to come back and see you again in the end. '

Chen Liang said, "you can't see everyone's pistachio any more. You don't want everyone to know the disease. As you said, you hope it doesn't affect everyone's happiness. So you can continue to be happy in another world and continue to be a pistachio!"

Chen Liang mourns Mao Junhua in his circle of friends

Han Xinyi, vice president of ant financial services, recalled that he had known Junhua for 23 years, from Tsinghua campus to CICC, and then to ant financial services.

'we work hard together for the common ideal and live a happy life together. He will always be everyone's & lsquo; pistachio & quot; and our Maomao. '

Han Xinyi said that in the days of fighting against the disease, Maomao continued to bring positive energy to everyone. He didn't want to trouble everyone, but he was still the happy Maomao.

"May the dead rest in peace, we respect his last wish, don't disturb him, and may Maomao be calm and happy in heaven. '

Han Xinyi mourns Mao Junhua in the circle of friends

Huang Hao, the former president of e-commerce bank, who has returned to ant financial services, also wrote a long article in memory of Mao Junhua.

Huang Hao said that he had been used to Mao Junhua's questions for more than ten years. He watched him ask and write all the way. In his 30s, he became the first person in China's banking industry and won all kinds of awards. yes. If he says he is second, no one dares to say he is first.

'I ridiculed him and said, "you are all Chinese gold first MD, and you come here to be a yard farmer?" his round face showed a & lsquo; I've made up my mind & rsquo; smile and said: & lsquo; I've watched others fight for the first half of my life, and I want to try my own fighting for the second half of my life. ";. '

Huang Hao said that he was lucky to meet him in Hangzhou. This is a golden sea, full of all kinds of birds who love the blue sea. They whirl together on the waves, travel together in the storm, and rest together on the beach. They've all come, and maybe one day they'll leave sooner or later.

'They fly here in their own posture, beautiful or clumsy, long or short, just fly. Maomao, you fly very well. '