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It's hateful for a woman to scold and cry for a forced bully

How does woman bully a seat to scold cry opposite party to return a responsibility? It's hateful to be such a bully these days! On May 1, on a train from Jingchuan, Gansu Province to Pingliang, a couple took their son on a trip and occupied other people's seats. The woman said that everyone didn't sit according to the number, so why did she ask us to sit according to the number.

Later, the two families of the woman who occupied the seat came to discuss. The family of the occupied woman: you make our girls cry

Seat woman: you think you're in a bad mood. It's not our business that you're in a bad mood.

The witness saw that 'an uncle and a woman with her son were not seated according to the seat number on the train. During this period, a girl got on the train and found that her seat number had been occupied by the three of them. After the dispute, the little girl cried angrily. Then the family of the little girl was the place where the two men found the three seats, and the three of them took the seat number The woman with the child was more aggressive, and then accused the whole car of not taking the seat number. Why did she ask us to take the seat number

In the end, the woman who occupied the seat said that she would not quarrel. As a result, the woman who occupied the seat also said in a loud voice, "you come to quarrel, aren't you reasonable?"

Under the persuading of the conductor, the incident subsided, and the two men did not get an explanation.