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Bathtub is the real killer in France

On April 28th, the French government plans to spend 1 billion euros to replace bathtubs with showers. According to the report, about 4000 people die of falling in the bathtub every year in France, which is more than 3259 people died of traffic accidents in 2018. The government's move is to make housing more suitable for the elderly, children and people with mobility difficulties.

Spend 1 billion euro to replace bathtub with shower to save lives! In order to realize the seven major events of the government's "housing action", Housing Minister Normandy announced that he will invest 1 billion euro to renovate or renovate the bathrooms of 200000 families, the most important of which is to replace the bathtub with shower, according to the French "Sunday daily" on the 28th.

More than 20000 deaths are caused by family accidents in France every year, many of which are caused by falling in the bathtub of the bathroom, being scalded by hot water or drowning, the report said. About 4000 people die every year from falls in bathtubs, more than the total number of traffic accidents in France (3259 in 2018). According to de Normandy, it is precisely because 'bathrooms are more dangerous than roads', so the first step of our' housing action 'is to start with the most basic bath safety in life. He said the government also plans to fund the renovation of bathing facilities in nursing homes.

It is reported that the first people who can enjoy the shower and bathtub replacement plan this time are those who have low family income. The maximum reimbursable amount for each bathroom project is 5000 euro.