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Cang Jingkong gave birth to twins

On the morning of May 1, her husband posted an article on his wife's microblog, announcing the good news that Cang Jingkong had given birth to twins: "two babies, 2.2kg and 2.5kg, thank you for your wife's hard work! Let's live a happy life together!"

In 2009, she was urged to get married by her parents, but at that time, she was still focused on her work and did not put marriage on the agenda. In 2011, under the urging of Chinese netizens, Cang Jingkong expressed his hope that he could get married before the age of 35, and the object should be a 'gentle, connotative, humorous good man'. When replying to netizens' comments, AOI also expressed that 'the person I married is a really powerful person', and it's' not easy 'to accept her past.

In 2014, Cang Jingkong wrote that he was ready to get married, but no one could get married. In 2017, Cang Jingkong expressed her frustration about marriage on her microblog. When a netizen asked her when she wanted to get married, she only replied in two words: '(wait) to death. '

In January 2018, to everyone's surprise, AOI sun out his wedding ring and announced his marriage to Japan's well-known DJ non, saying that his husband "is not a handsome guy and has no money, but has accepted his previous job.".

Cang Jingkong and her husband take a group photo. The picture is from the Internet

In December 2018, Cang Jingkong announced the good news of her pregnancy, saying that she would 'strive to be a good mother'. A month later, she shared her pregnancy photos on Weibo and revealed that she would give birth to twins.

On April 30, 2019, AOI shared the process of admission and delivery through live broadcast. Before labor, she also released her photos before entering the delivery room through social platform. She is in good condition and smiles and waves to her husband's camera.