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How much does summer go to seaside sunscreen index want? What times of sunscreen do you choose to go

It's necessary to go out and apply sunscreen, not to mention going to the seaside in hot summer. Generally, the seaside has strong sunshine and needs high-power sunscreen. So what's the sunscreen factor for going to the seaside in summer? What's the sunscreen multiple for going to the seaside?

How much does summer go seaside sunscreen index want

If you go to the seaside in summer, the sun protection factor should be more than 30. If you are not afraid of the burden of the skin, the sun protection factor spf50 is the safest. If the sun protection factor is less than 50, you should apply it every other period of time.

SPF is an important indicator of sun protection, but it does not mean that the higher the SPF value, the stronger the protection. For example, SPF15 has 93% protection, while spf34 only has 79% protection. However, the higher the SPF value, the worse the permeability, which will hinder the normal secretion and breathing of the skin.

SPF is the abbreviation of sun protection factor, which indicates the sunscreen efficacy of sunscreen products. It is based on the minimum erythema dose to the skin.

Skin reddening after exposure to the sun is called 'erythema' in medicine, which is the slightest reaction of the skin to the sun. The lowest dose of erythema is the shortest time for skin erythema. After using sunscreen, the minimum erythema dose of the skin will increase, then the SPF of the sunscreen is: SPF = minimum erythema dose (after using sunscreen) / minimum erythema dose (before using sunscreen)

Assuming that a person's skin has a minimum erythema dose of 15 minutes, the sunscreen with SPF 4 can theoretically stay in the sun for 4 times (60 minutes), and the skin will be slightly red; if the sunscreen with SPF 8 is selected, it can stay in the sun for 8 times (120 minutes), and so on.

What times of sunscreen do you choose to go to the seaside

The sunscreen applied to the seaside must be higher than the SPF of the office. Generally, it should be above SPF30 / PA, and it should be waterproof.

To be exact, when swimming in the sea, you should wipe it again every time you go ashore. If it is not washed away by the sea, you should wipe it again at least every two hours.

Now the texture of sunscreen products is quite different from that of previous years. Generally, the texture is very refreshing and light, even if it is light

Spf50 products will not have a heavy feeling. Sunscreen products are still the most common type of 'cream'. Spray type liquid products are relatively refreshing and convenient to use, while oil or paste products generally have good waterproof and anti sweat effects, but they will feel obvious discomfort on the face and are generally used for more body.

Different skin types should choose different sunscreen

Oily skin: you should choose and buy water-based sunscreen with strong penetration and oil-free formula, which is refreshing, not greasy and does not block pores. Do not use sunscreen, physical sunscreen products with caution.

Acne type skin: choose the same sunscreen with oily skin, choose the water-based sunscreen with strong penetration and oil-free formula. But when the acne is more serious, inflamed or damaged skin, it is necessary to suspend the use of sunscreen, when you go out, you can only use physical methods to block the sun.

Dry skin: dry skin must choose moisturizing texture, and add the moisturizing effect and enhance skin immunity of sunscreen, there are many sunscreens have increased the moisturizing and antioxidant effect besides sunscreen.

Sensitive skin: for the sake of safety, it is recommended to choose professional sunscreen for sensitive skin, or the product description should clearly write such words as' pass the allergy test ',' pass the dermatologist's clinical test on young children ',' pass the ophthalmologist's test ',' do not contain spices and preservatives', etc., the best choice is physical sunscreen.