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How to do if rice is infested? How to remove rice pests

Rice is one of the staple foods in China. Every household has rice in reserve. However, in summer, rice is easy to grow insects when it is stored for a long time. Many people don't know what to do with rice with insects. In fact, rice with insects can be eaten as long as the insects are removed. How to get rid of the insects in rice?

How did rice grow insect to do? How does rice grow insect to get rid of clean

Method 1: sun exposure

The simple way is to spread the rice in the sun and let it be dried in the sun. Whether it's white or black, it will climb out. If it can't be dried for one day, it will be the same as two days. When drying, turn it by hand every hour to remove the insects. Before the sun sets, it's better to sieve the rice and put it into the bag.

Method 2: add Zanthoxylum bungeanum

Wrap Zanthoxylum bungeanum with cotton cloth, and then put it in rice, because Zanthoxylum bungeanum itself has a unique flavor, insects will run when they smell this flavor, and they can no longer survive in rice.

Methods of removing rice worm

Method 3: freezing

If the insects are not serious, you can put the rice into the refrigerator freezer with the bag and take it out after 24 hours of freezing. At this time, the insects are frozen to death and become red and black, which is easy to pick up and will not affect the original taste of the rice.

Method 4: sieve the basket

In order to shorten the weeding time, after removing the insects on the surface, we can use bamboo or wicker sieve to screen out the insects in rice. Then, lay it in a cool and ventilated place to dry, and all kinds of insects in the rice noodles can be removed.